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Umrah Ticket Price In Pakistan 2022 Packages Total Cost

There is alot of information mentioned here about Umrah Ticket Price In Pakistan. Umrah is the name of an act of religious performance. Thousands of Muslims perform this religious activity to achieve Allah’s greatness. There is no age restrictions to perform this activity. There is no matter of  cast, color or designation to perform this religious performance. So, there is Umrah Ticket Price in Pakistan 2022 is available in this page. The interested people who want to find details about umrah ticket price in Pakistan 2022, they can check this page and get all related information .

Umrah Ticket Price in Pakistan 2022

Economy Umrah Package 2022 from Pakistan for 7, 15, 21, and 29 days includes Visa fees, Visa processing, Transportation, Air ticket, Hotel reservation & Ziarat. The transportation charges begin at Airport to the hotel Makka/Madina/Makka to Madina/Makka. Then, the Hotel will take you takes you to the airport. Economy Umrah Package 2022 for 21 days comprises transportation to and from Airport for Hotel along with Makka from Madina and Madina from Makka with the air-conditioned bus. Five days of the Package includes a hotel with a fresh and comfortable room and visa fees. The costs for the package range between 185000 and 359000 PKR, based on amenities, the number of people in the room,  meals, and the type of transportation.

Economic Umrah Package  2022

Economic Package of 21 days comes with the same 15 days of transport from the airport for HotelHotel as well Makka to Madina and Madina from Makka with the air-conditioned bus. 3 Star 21 days package includes visa fee and hotel reservations. The Hotels are consist of  air-conditions and tidy bedroom and one bed.

Duration of Umrah Ticket Price in Pakistan 2022

  1. 7 days package
  2. 15 Days package
  3. 21-day package
  4. 28 Days package
  •  15 Days Packages

10 Days Umrah Package:    83,700-129,650 (double)

5 Days Quarantine Package:   32,000- 32000 (double)

PIA Ticket:  87,500-87,500 (double)

Total:  203,200-249,150 (double)

  • 7 Days Umrah Package

Economy package:   123000 (double room)-98000 (quad room)

Economical package:   126000-78500

Economic of Package:   94000-62600

5 Star:                          199000-12000

  • 21 Days Package

Lahore to Jeddah:           90,000

From Islamabad to Jeddah:     92,000

Karachi to Jeddah:          87,000

  • 28 Days Umrah Package

Package for Person:       21,111 PKR

Package for Infant:        9500 PKR

Umrah Ticket Price In Pakistan 2022 Packages Total Cost

Umrah Ticket Price in Pakistan 2022

Terms and Conditions About Umrah

  • All rates above are per person and do not include tickets or meals.
  • All the packages mentioned above and transport are non-refundable, regardless of the reason.
  • Prices for packages and tickets are changeable without prior notice.
  • The availability of rooms is subject to confirmation.
  • All efforts are for meeting to  passengers’ needs; there are times when an alternative hotel or room might need to be made available, and rates will pay following the rate difference.
  • Any cancellation or rejection of Visas will incur a fee of Rs. 85,000/-.
  • Any penalty charges will following the Airline’s policies for refunds, changes of Airline or date tickets, ticket cancellation.
  • A child may be accommodated in the parent’s room without a bed; ticket, Visa & Transport can charge.
  • All travelers must return to home if they stay longer than in Saudi Arabia. Then the penalties imposed by the Hajj Ministry of Saudi Arabia will be assessed to the respective party.

Some other Rules for Umrah

  • The payment method is 50% Advance and 50% upon delivery to the person who will be delivering.
  • The total amount of days spend within the Kingdom determine from the selected Package.
  • No matter what, the pilgrims cannot get permission to remain in the Kingdom unless he makes the arrangements of their choice.
  • Procedural Terms and Conditions may change without prior notice. It is contingent upon Saudi and Pakistani rules and rules. After the issuance of visa, the passport will not issue until the bookage of package.
  • If pilgrims travel without information, we are not accountable for any incident that might result in detention or arrest by Saudi Authorities.
  • If there is a change in tax or airfare, then the pilgrims will have to pay the difference before departure. In addition, the costs for the date of travel and the class can be charge.
  • No matter what, the agency cannot be held accountable for natural disasters or fire, theft strikes, riots, civil commotion, or terrorist att-acks on documents.

Required Documents for Umrah

  •   Two photographs – each passport size
  •  The original passport validates six months from the travel date.
  • Non-Citizens must submit an official copy of their permanent residence card.
  •  A copy of the vaccination card – ACYL 135 having signs or stamps of Doctor.
  •  If couples are traveling together, you must provide an official copy of your wedding certificate (or any other legal document that identifies the husband and wife)
  •  If parents and children are traveling together, please send an original birth certificate to each of the children. Or any legal document that demonstrates the relationship between parents and children.
  •  For women traveling without Mahram, you must complete a Mahram Consent form. It helps if you had it notarized by a notary public or a lawyer. The visa application should complete for every family member who is traveling.

Approved Umrah Agents in Pakistan


1-G.F.Q International
Phone Number: 0092512344334
E-mail: gfqinternational@hotmail.com

2-Travel Lines and Tour (PVT) LTD.
Phone Number: 0092512270929
E-mail: travelines1@hotmail.com

3-Al Nasr Travel (PVT) LTD.
Phone Number: 00924236367651
E-mail: alnasrtravel@hotmail.com

4-Al-Harmain Travel & Tourism Agency
Phone Number: 0092512875363
E-mail: alharmain_travel@hotmail.com

5-Abeer Travel & Tours
Phone Number: 0092554211979
E-mail: abeer_travel@hotmail.com

6-Karwan E-Shakireen Tours (PVT) LTD.
Phone Number: 0092622888774
E-mail: Kst2006@hotmail.com


1-Usman Air Travels (Private) LTD
Phone Number: 00922135650500
E-mail: info@usmantravels.com

2- Shahban International Travel
Phone Number: 00922135161010
E-mail: shaban.intravel@hotmail.com

3-Al-Naeem Travels & Tours
Phone Number: 0092215680818
E-mail: alnaeemtravels@hotmail.com

4-Al-Asad Travel Agency
Phone Number: 00922135314440
E-mail: alasadtravel@hotmail.com

5-Hujjaj Travel & Tours PVT LTD.
Phone Number: 00923219295017
E-mail: finance.hujjaj@gmail.com

6-Al-Huda Travel & Tours
Phone Number: 00922132211175
E-mail: nsqm_8q@hotmail.com


1-Amin Travels PVT LTD Lahore
Phone Number: 35786850
E-mail: amin_travels@hotmail.com

2-Nafees Travels PVT LTD
Phone Number: 009236302435
E-mail: asadyameen@hotmail.com

3- Al-Saboor Travels PVT LTD
Phone Number: 00924235774607
E-mail: saboortravel@yahoo.com

4- Sufa International Travel & Tours PVT LTD.
Phone Number: 00924235761770

5- Rahimia International Travel Tours
Phone Number: 00923216915548
E-mail: rahimiaint@yahoo.com

6- Al-Huda Aviation
Phone Number: 00924236292630
E-mail: hassan@alhudatravels.com


Do you know how many days you require to complete Umrah?
If we consider Umrah’s performance, the required minimum duration should be between 3 and 6 hours.

What are the advantages of Umrah?

  • The most significant benefit of Umrah is that you become a guest of Allah.
  • The second reward is the removal of poverty.
  • The third is that sins are able to forgiveness by Umrah.
  • Fourthly, Umrah is equivalent to the act of jihad for certain Muslims. It is a chance to renew the faith of Muslims.

Are there any rules for Umrah?
Two major rituals are for during Umrah. One is  tawaf and the other is sa’I. Tawaf is generally refers to as circular or walking around the Kaaba. It is recommendable for males to perform those three first circuits to complete at a fast pace. After Sa’I, located between Safa and Marwah, located in the Great Mosque of Mecca, The journey is complete by Halq

Which month is the most expensive for Umrah?
The most suitable time to do Umrah is right after hajj, which falls between April, May, and the December holiday.

How much is the umrah package?
If we consider the economy Umrah package, it’s the cheapest. 150,000 PKR is close to the cost of a 25-day stay in a five-star. 4-star prices will start from 132,000 PKR and it will last for fifteen days. The three-day cost for 15 days is 120,000 PKR.

Umrah packages are cheap when we think of economics. 150,000 PKR covers five days for 25 nights in 5 Star. 132,000 PKR in 4 Star for 15 days. 120,000 PKR in 3 Star for 15 days

How do I get Umrah Visa from Pakistan?
The applicant must have a  ID card, and their passport validity is approximately six months. So, this step must be before departure.

Is Umrah open for Pakistan?

Are there any possibilities for Pakistanis to participate in this Umrah pilgrimage by 2022? At present, those coming from Pakistan and other countries who plan to complete the Umrah could be granted permission by Saudi Arabia. Based on my experiences, I’ll need to speak to Ulma about how to complete the Umrah. Our customers can trust us to offer Umrah Services from Lahore to Karachi and Islamabad in addition to other services. Your plane leaves from the city airport to provide Umrah Services. Make sure you take advantage of this chance in a lifetime to give back to the people around you.

Which things are covered in Executive Umrah Package?

The Executive Umrah Pack Umrah tickets, Umrah visa, accommodations, and transportation are included. If you’d like to go to the holiest shrines in Makkah and Madina, the Ziyarat option is offered in Executive Umrah Package. We have everything within the Umrah package that is luxurious and top-of-the-line. Stay in four-star and five-star hotels. Take a ride in air-conditioned vehicles.

What is the hotel distance in Executive Umrah Package?

We offer accommodation in 4 stars and 5-star hotels. The hotels are within Masjid Al-Haram and Masjid Nabawi, and some are situated at a distance of 0 meters. In Makkah, you can stay at Anjum Hotel, Hilton Suites, and Swiss hotel, and in Madina, stay at Pullman Zamzam, Madina Marriot Hotel, and Dar Al Taqwa hotel. You may also suggest hotels where you would prefer to stay.

What is the duration of the executive Umrah Package?

The length of time of Executive Umrah Packages varies. We provide seven days, 10 Days, and 15 days of duration for the Executive Umrah Package. The size of your stay can be extended if you wish to stay longer—however, not more than 30 consecutive days. The Executive Umrah package offers luxury facilities, from hotel booking to transportation.

How to book Umrah Visa Online?

It is easy to book Umrah Visa online. Using the internet, you will receive an Umrah E-Visa no matter where you reside in a country such as the UK, Canada, Turkey, Dubai, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Sri Lanka, and around the globe. Please send us a scan of your passport and photo, and receive your Umrah E-Visa in 24 hours.

Is the Executive Umrah Package costly?

Executive Umrah Packages aren’t too expensive, but it depends on the travel agent what package they have offered and the amenities they offer. Certain travel agencies provide top-quality services. However, their boxes aren’t too costly. Everything is lavish in the Executive Umrah package, and the pilgrims can feel comfortable without any hassle.

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