STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 Download Online pdf |

In this post, we’ll explain the steps needed to download STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 in PDF format on the official website As a member of STEVTA, the Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority, you’re entitled to the pay slip. Thanks to the advances in technology, STEVTA has made it easy for its employees to download its STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 on the internet. STEVTA Pay slip for 2023 pdf download online at is an accessible and secure system that allows employees to view their pay slips each month. It’s a major advancement towards digitization and is an expression of STEVTA’s determination to provide effective services to its employees.

What is STEVTA Pay Slip 2023?

Before we get into the procedure for downloading STEVTA Pay slips 2023 on the internet, we must first know what exactly it is. Pay slips are official document that reveals the specifics of an employee’s earnings for a certain time. It includes the employee’s minimum salary and allowances, deductions as well as net earnings. STEVTA distributes pay slips to employees every month and is a crucial document for tax and financial reasons. Additionally, the pay slip system offered by STEVTA is an important move towards digitalization and is a reflection of the company’s dedication to providing effective and user-friendly services for its employees.

With the introduction of online pay slips, workers can get information about their salaries anytime, anywhere which makes it much easier for them to control their finances. The objective of Sindh Technical and Vocational Training Authority STEVTA is to develop an educated workforce that will increase the growth of economics in Pakistan. STEVTA pay slip 2023 download online with CNIC from here. TEVTA offers technical training across every district and tehsil of Pakistan. Govt. of Sindh established STEVTA in 2009 to provide high-quality technical training for residents of Sindh province.

Why is It Important to Download STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 Online?

The ability to download STEVTA Pay slips 2023 on the internet comes with many advantages. Firstly, it helps save time and effort since employees are able to download their pay slips right from their offices or homes. Furthermore, it minimizes the need for paper and helps to reduce the environmental impact. In addition, it makes sure employees have access to pay slips, and they can monitor their wages and deductions.

How to Download STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 Online?

To download the STEVTA Pay slip 2023, go online and follow these steps in the following steps:

Step 1: Visit the Official STEVTA Website

It is the first thing to do to STEVTA’s official site by visiting Once you’re on the site you can click on “Employee Services” tab on the homepage.

Step 2: Click on “Pay Slip”

When you click upon the “Employee Services” tab, an options menu will be displayed. Select “Pay Slip” from the dropdown menu.

Step 3: Enter Your Employee ID and Password

To view the pay slips, you’ll have to input the employee’s ID number and passcode. If you don’t have an account password, you may request one by contacting STEVTA HR. STEVTA Human Resources department.

Step 4: Select the Month and Year

After you have entered the employee’s ID number and password choose the month and the year for which you wish for your paycheck slip to be downloaded.

Step 5: Download Your Pay Slip

After selecting your month, year, and date of birth, click the “Download” button to download your pay slip in PDF format.

STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 Download Online pdf |

STEVTA Pay Slip 2023

Click Here to Download Pay Slip

STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 Download Online

This page provides information on the Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority STEVTA pay slips for 2023. Anyone who is looking for the Sindh TEVTA Payslip from any month of 2023 is now able to STEVTA pay slip 2023 download on the official website of STEVTA or on this page. A lot of applicants complain about the inability to find their pay stubs online on their official webpage. Sindh Technical Education and Vocational Training Authority play slips are now available for download from here or via the website of STEVTA. Should you be an employee with STEVTA and are looking for your payslip then we’re here to inform you that you are able to access your payslip now.

STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 Download By CNIC

You can get this STEVTA to pay slip 2023 downloaded by CNIC here. All STEVTA employees are able to get access to their STEVTA pay slips for 2023 on this website by clicking the link in the following section. Those STEVTA employees looking for their pay slips in 2023, can locate them on this website.

STEVTA Pay Slip Download By Name

It is possible to download STEVTA Pay Slip 2023 download by Name from this page. Employers who want to download Sindh TEVTA payslip 2023 every month can now download their pay slips online through the official site of STEVTA. Many applicants complain that they cannot find their pay slips online on STEVTA’s official site.


Q1. How often are pay slips issued by STEVTA?

Answer: STEVTA distributes paychecks to employees on an annual basis.

Q2. Do I need a password to download my pay slip?

Answer Yes, you’ll require a password in order to log in to download and print your paycheck. If you don’t have the password, you can request one by contacting your STEVTA HR Department.

Q3. Can I access my pay slip from my mobile phone?

Answer Yes, you are able to check your pay slip using your mobile device as long you’re connected to the internet.

Q4. Can I download my pay slip for previous months?

Answer Yes, you are able to download your pay slips for the previous month from STEVTA’s website. STEVTA website.

Q5. Is it safe to download my pay slip from the STEVTA website?

Answer Yes, it’s secure downloading your payment slip on the STEVTA website, as it’s an extremely secure platform.

What is the full form of STEVTA?

Sindh Technical Education & Vocational Training Authority.


In the end, downloading STEVTA payslip 2023 in PDF format online is a simple and eco-friendly option to allow STEVTA employees to view their pay details for the month. Following the easy steps above, employees can download their pay slips from their official webpage It is crucial to remember that employees must ensure that their login credentials are secure and should not divulge them to anyone. Please use your Username & Password to log in and download your Salary Slip. If you are experiencing any difficulties or issues with the STEVTA Pay slips 2023, please contact us using your comment area. For further updates and the most recent news alerts, please go to the official website of STEVTA which is located below.

STEVTA Promotion

STEVTA Notification

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STEVTA Seniority List

Contact Info of STEVTA

Address: Sindh TEVTA HQ, ST-19 Block-6 Gulshan-e-Iqbal Karachi
Mob: + 92 21 99244112-7

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