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Passport Tracking Pakistan by CNIC

The Government Directorate General of Pakistan has launched a system for online Passport Tracking Pakistan by CNIC  application status. Passport Tracking Pakistan by CNIC system is free of cost. The GOP has introduced passport tracking by CNIC to facilitate such a drag process in Pakistan and help all candidates. You can easily track your passport by entering your CNIC in the provided field. Tracking System online has initiate for the welfare of passport seekers. The candidates can send their queries as regards the status of their passport  at the official website by providing the information they are looking for along with the complete name, contact number, CNIC, contact address, and 11 digits Passport Tracking Pakistan by CNIC token number.

How to online Passport Tracking Pakistan by CNIC?

The online passport tracking method is now officially recognized within the nation. You can now monitor your passport’s status on the internet portal. In the past, candidates needed to go to the office for passports and stand in line for a long time. It is now the government’s turn to take the initiative to establish an electronic system.

Passport tracking detail online

We’ve collected the details needed to guide users through the application process and tracking. The Government of Pakistan is believed to be bringing massive reforms to public institutions. The online databases help maintain the credibility of information and ensure the general public’s ease of use. In regional passport offices in Pakistan, people suffer because of long hours waiting for each office visit. The portal on the internet will aid in the tracking process of applicants for passports in the country.

To better understand how the passport application and tracking process works, we’ll help you guide you through each step to help you answer your questions. There is complete information about the steps and directions to track your passport on the internet.

Passport Tracking Pakistan by CNIC

How to Check Passport Status Online By Name And By CNIC

Visit your browser to the official site of the Directorate General of Immigration and Passports (DGIP) and sign up as a user.

Click on the online passport tracking system, and it will take you to http://tracking.dgip.gov.pk/.

Enter the 11-digit tracking code/code into the box below, and then hit “search.

A complete passport status will display immediately.

It is free and can be used up to 3 times. Be aware that with this service, applicants can only examine whether passports were processed in the last 3 months.

How to track Passport Tracking Online with CNIC — Pakistan

The first step is to meet the applicant at the customer service counter.

Step 1 – Arrival of Applicant at Customer Service Counter

The Applicant must go to the counter of customer service at the Regional Passport Office.

Follow the directions given at the respective booths.

Step 2 – Token Counter + Capturing of Photograph

The Applicant will produce the original CNIC/Smart-Card/NICOP or Children Registration Certificate (CRC), in case of those below 18 years of age, along with its copies and Bank Challan Form.

The camera operator will continue to capture the photo of the Applicant.

Tokens will issue to the person who applied for it.

Step 3 – Biometric Data Capture (Finger Prints)

After obtaining a token, he will proceed to the Biometric Counter at the time his Token is visible at the Biometric Counter. Counter.

The Data Entry Operator (DEO) at the Counter will take your right thumb-index finger, left thumb and left Index Finger impressions.

Step 4 – Data Entry

The Applicant will then move onto his Data Entry Counters as soon the token number is displayed on the counter.

The Operator for Data Entry enters all the necessary data for the Applicant. The screen of data entry will be visible to the Applicant.

If there is any data change, the Applicant should be directed through the Operator for Data Entry in this regard. After data entry is completed, the operator will complete the Data Entry Form and then be given to the Applicant to verify.

The Applicant must confirm all the information contained in the form.

An applicant is required to get an additional token from the entry counter.


Step 5 – Verification as per Office Record (ECL/BL)

The verification of the official records is to be completed.

Validation against Exit Control List (ECL) and Black List (BL).

Step 6 – Interview & Decision by Assistant Director

The Applicant will be presented to the Assistant Director once his ID is displayed on the AD counter, along with the initially submitted documents.

The Assistant Director will hold off the application of applicants less than 18 years of age. Assistant Director will give the completed form to the Applicant to get the attestation of his picture from an official of the Class 1 Govt. officer.

The Applicant must fill in their CNIC/Contact No. with their official signature on the form.

When the form is completed (duly verified), the delay Token will grant to proceed.

Expected Collection Time

The applicants can apply to two scenarios:

  • Ordinary Passports – It takes 10 working days to collect.
  • Urgent Passports – It takes 4 working days to collect.

Passport Tracking Pakistan by Token Number Online

Checking the status of the Pakistani passport online is very easy and doesn’t require you to undergo any lengthy procedure. A number sent via SMS already has an online status check service, making things even more accessible. The whole procedure of checking your passport online is described below.

Track Pakistani Passport Status via SMS

To monitor your passport’s status via SMS, you must record your 11-digit token number and then send the number to 988. The status of your passport will be notified to you by SMS as soon as possible.

Is Passport Tracking Online Service Charged?

The tracking service is completely free at no cost. If the added information you provide is correct, you can log in to the portal successfully. The page will contain all pertinent information for your passport for review.

It is vital to remember that the portal allows only three attempts to track your passport each day. Its means you can verify how your passport’s status is not more than 3 times a day.

What can I do to monitor the status of my Pakistani passport?

Citizens must supply their correct cell number during the Data Entry-stage of passport processing to ensure that the status of their passport application can communicate to their mobile phone via the SMS code 9988.

Can I check my passport details online?

Can I check my passport details online? Yes, you can check the details of your passport on the website of the state department. The information is usually updated 14 days after the application submission or renewal.

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