How to Apply To Pakistan Army- How can I join Pak Army as Career

Here we have provided a complete description of How to Apply To Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army is serving Pakistan by playing an important role in the defense system of Pakistan. Every talented and young person wants to join the Pak army and is curious to join this force. So he must have complete knowledge about How to Apply To Pakistan Army. Pakistan Army is the powerful defender of Pakistan. The army protects Pakistani borders from enemies. Pak Army fights for Pakistan and maintains a peaceful environment in the country. It has the power to deal with every kind of emergency situation and serve Pakistan. Every year different inductions are announced to join Pak Army. Here I would like to tell you how you can apply to Pakistan Army.

Pakistan Army

The Pakistan Army was formed in 1947 after the division from the continent. It was created appearance when it was formed after the Indian Army divided Pakistan and India. It’s a division of the Pakistan Armed Forces, with its headquarters in Rawalpindi (GHQ). It’s a government-owned organization charged with protecting the nation. It also assists during natural catastrophes. It has a long record of quality and keeps very high standards for everything they accomplish. The thing everyone is aware of is the fact that the Army does not make jokes when talking about the security of the nation. As time passes, the Army has made strides toward excellence. It is committed to the improvement of its citizens as well as the protection the interests of our state’s interests at all times.

Pakistan Army is the land-based administration of the Pakistan Armed Forces. This Pak Army comprises authorized officers and non-appointed officers. It is divided into two main divisions: Arms and Services. Pakistan Army is the most significant defense force in Pakistan. It is renowned for its bravery in fighting terrorists in various operations, such as Zarb-e Azb in Waziristan & Karachi Operation, and actions for the country’s development. The current COAS is general Qamar Javed Bajwa. He is known as the expert in the 10 Corps, which is responsible for the region along the Line of Control (LoC). There are various reasons the Pak Army has become the top-rank Army in the world. Among them is the fact that it is a team of soldiers and officers who serve with heart and soul.

Pakistan Army is one of the well-known Defence Forces of our dearest homeland and it is the land-serving force that is serving day and night with great heart and soul and strives hard to maintain the peace and prosperity of the homeland without caring about their lives. It came into existence after the independence of Pakistan to serve.

How To Apply To Pakistan Army- How can I join Pak Army as Career

How to Join in Pakistan Army as Career

How to Apply To Pakistan Army

  1. You can join Pak Army after matric, inter, graduation, and masters.
  2. If you want to join the Pak army then you have to see the advertisement in the newspaper.
  3. Then you have to register your name either through the internet or through the selection center.
  4. Candidates can register on the website Date and time of the test shall be intimated on the internet for which the individual should have an e-mail account.
  5. Candidates will report on the exact date and time given for the preliminary test on a computerized roll no slip. The date once given will not be changed.
  6. Candidates must attain working knowledge of computers, as registration and tests will be conducted on computers.
  7. Always do online registration with full concentration because wrong details or incomplete details cannot be changed.
  8. Then you have to apply online, First of all, you have to fill personnel data form in which you have to put your personal data, name, address, CNIC number, residential address, contact number, and other details. After completing the personal data form then you have to put the details of academic qualifications/grades/marks etc.
  9. Then in the end you have to save all the information after that a short pin code will be displayed on the screen.
  10. You have to carefully note down the pin code because every time you log in to view your profile, you have to put in the pin code and CNIC number.
  11. If you are unable to note down the pin code then you cannot log in to view your profile. After that, you will be sending your roll number slips so that you can appear in preliminary tests conducted by Pak Army or ISSB.
  12. On the test day, a candidate will have to bring all the documents with him and will have to pay the prospectus fee on the test day.

Guide to How to join Pak army

The process for joining the Army in 2023 will be identical. However, you will need to be aware of the admission date announced in the advertisement inviting you to join the Pak army. Complete the form online, obtain your pin code, and write the details carefully. You can also submit your application at the closest Pakistan army recruiting center.

Registration Process of Join Pak Army

There are two methods to join the Pakistan Army.

  1. You can complete your online registration on the Army’s official website, Pk,
  2. Go to the closest Army Selection and Recruitment Centre (AS&RC) to register.
  • The details regarding the test time will be sent to the email you have provided. Candidates must be present and punctual for the initial test date and time. The exact timing is indicated in the roll slip that is computerized. Candidates must attend the Army Selection and Recruitment Center AS&RC to register.
  • After passing the tests and interviews, Candidates will receive an email or a letter for them to Join Pak Army.
  • You can serve in the Pak Army in different fields since numerous jobs are available for females and males in the Pakistan Armed Forces.
  • Opportunities abound for skilled young people in Pakistan Armed Forces.
  • Many applicants apply for a chance with the Pak Army to get an impressive career and to be elevated to the highest levels.

Eligibility Criteria for How to Apply To Pakistan Army

  • Age Level: 17-22 years of Intermediate
  • 17-23-year-olds who have graduated (2 years)(Serving in PN/PAF)
  • Graduates aged 17-24 (4 years)
  • 17-25 years Army Soldiers serving
  • For your education, Here are the rules that you need to adhere to:
  • Minimum marks of 60% in FA/FSc or an equivalent
  • Candidates who have scored 60% or better in BA/BSc/BBA/BBA with 50 marks in FA/FSc will be qualified
  • Serving Army Soldiers who have 50 percent marks in FA/FSc
  • Candidates who have cleared the FSc Part-1 Examination with a minimum of 60% marks and have taken or are preparing for the FSc Part-2 or Final Exams may apply for the Bass of “Hope Certificates” duly issued by the head of the Institution.
  • You must be a single male who has Pakistani nationality.

Documents Required

  • Original educational certificates, as well as mark sheets
  • Your CNIC or Form B and the CNIC of your father or guardian
  • 4 4. Passport photos that have been authenticated
  • Original and three photocopies of ISSB NOT RECOMMENDED to “Repeater Candidate.”
  • One photocopy set of the documents mentioned above

Preliminary Selection At AS&RC

Intelligence Test
Verbal / Non-Verbal

Academic Test
English, Maths, Pakistan Studies, Islamiat, General Knowledge

Physical Tests
Running: 1.6 Km in 8 minutes
Sit Ups: 20 in 2 minutes
Push-ups: 15 in 2 minutes
Chin-ups: 3 in 2 minutes
Ditch Crossing: 7’4′ x 7’4′ Depth 4′ deep

Height- 5ft 4in (162.5cms)
Weight- As per Body Mass Index

Salary & Benefits

Pakistan Army is a very professional organization committed to providing for all its employees. They also offer benefits to employees. It greatly benefits the many beneficiaries during their service or even when they retire. It is essential to know that the rewards would also be substantial if this organization requires the same level of effort and commitment. The most important thing is that you can give your country a helping hand when you join the PAK Army. The rules of the organization require that you commit your life to the security of Pakistan. Being a part of this prestigious organization means you have the chance to develop as a person. Additionally, you have the opportunity to study and apply the fundamentals of living, including unity, faith, and discipline. In the solemn oath that demonstrates confidence and enthusiasm, you can complete various tasks in various settings.

Below, we’ve been able to write down a list of advantages:

  • Good salary
  • Special allowances
  • Education for children
  • Housing facilities for families
  • Pension after retirement
  • Medical facilities

General Instructions for Application

  • Candidates who have completed their one year of study (of Intermediate) finished with the minimum marks (for an academic course) and who are awaiting the result of the 2nd year exam of intermediate may be eligible for systems that require intermediate certification. In this instance, the candidate must present an official hope certificate from the Institution’s head.
  • A candidate with a degree that is not Pakistani schooling (e.g., A/O Level) must present an equivalent certification from the relevant boards. (e.g., IBCC or HEC)
  • Candidates who do not have the degrees or have a duplicate, provisional, or revised certificate or degree must present a verification certification from the Secretary/Controller of Examination.
  • Candidates can be a part of ISSB for the navy and air force three times.


What is the best job in Army?
Best Army Jobs 2023
Army Nurse (MOS 68C)
Air Traffic Control Operator (MOS 15Q)
Wheeled Vehicle Mechanic (MOS 91B)
Infantry (MOS 11B)
Technical Engineer (MOS 12T)
Counterintelligence Agent (MOS 35L)
Criminal Investigations Special Agent (MOS 31D)
Satellite Communication Systems Operator-Maintainer (MOS 25S)
Geospatial Intelligence Imagery Analyst (MOS 35G)
Cyber Operations Specialist (MOS 17C)

How can I apply to Pakistan Army 2023?

Anyone can join the Pakistan army upon matriculation or Fsc, ICS, intermediate graduate, postgraduate, or. First, register yourself via Pak army online 2023 at, or you can also apply for Pak army by visiting your nearest selection center. There are two ways to Join Pakistan Army. You can do your online registration on the website Pk or go to the closest Army Selection and Recruitment Centre (AS&RC) to register. The details about the test date will be sent to your email to your address.

What qualification is required for Pak Army?

Minimum marks of 60% in FA/FSc or an equivalent. Candidates who get 60% or more in BA/BSc/BBA and 50 marks in FA/FSc will be qualified.

How long is Pak Army training?

Cadets must undergo two years of rigorous military training before officially being called an Officer.

Which subject is best for Army?

Science is the ideal topic to join the Army after the 10th grade.

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