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FESCO Duplicate Bill Check Online

Faisalabad Electric Supply Company is abbreviated as FESCO. FESCO serves almost 4.01 million clients with electricity. The average yearly population of its region is more than 26 million people. Regarding operational effectiveness, it is one of the top energy distribution companies in Pakistan. Due to its huge textile industries, Faisalabad, called the Manchester of Pakistan, is its primary service area. FESCO is in charge of Faisalabad’s electricity supply, and nearby areas include Sargodha, Mianwali, Khushab, Jhang, Bhakkar, and Toba Tek Singh, Chiniot. FESCO Duplicate Bill Check Online from this website.

So now, if you want to check your FESCO bill online, you are in the right place. Here you can check your FESCO bill online and get your FESCO duplicate, Bill. For this purpose, you must know your 14 digits reference number.

FESCO Online Bill Check

FESCO bill check online allows you to stay up-to-date with consumer details, whether commercial, residential, industrial, or electrical connections. Users must input the 14-digit reference code found at the bottom of prior bills to determine the amount they must pay for electric units. Here are steps consumers should follow to complete their FESCO bill review.

To begin, they must start their Google browser and type in the search field “online bill check FESCO.” Once they have found the site, users must select the FESCO website displayed on the initial page. To view the FESCO online bill, users must enter their fourteen-digit FESCO Bill Reference Number. The online system will produce the FESCO Monthly bill. Consumers can print copies from their web-based FESCO bill and view the prior bill on the internet.

Online FESCO Bill Check the Previous Month 2022

FESCO is the abbreviation for Faisalabad Electric Supply Company. FESCO supplies electricity to 4.01 million customers. The total estimated population of the Fesco area is more than 26 million. FESCO is one of the most reliable companies for electricity distribution in Pakistan for their performance due to the low losses in its power distribution system. Still, on the contrary, the expense of collection is more costly. The main service area of FESCO in Faisalabad is also often referred to as”the Manchester of Pakistan because of the huge textile manufacturing.

FESCO Duplicate Bill April 2022

If you’re looking to find out whether you paid your bill or not, examine the history of your bill. To view your electric bill from Fesco, you need to input the 14-digit reference code in this box. You can look over bills from the month before, even before receiving the bill, and download the identical FESCO bill in case you lose the original copy.

Check FESCO Bill

FESCO Bill isn’t currently accessible online with the Meter’s name, its #, CNIC, or address. You can check your FESCO duplicate bill on every device, whether you’re using a mobile, tablet, or desktop computer. This site is compatible with all kinds of gadgets and functions on all devices.

Fesco Email Billing Service

Email billing is an amazing feature offered through the Fesco website. You can sign up for a monthly billing service using your email address and the reference amount, and you will be notified of your monthly bill via email before the scheduled date. If you’re looking to receive the SMS bill or email, we suggest using this Fesco website. New methods for registering and moving contacts: Please review the link below. If you’ve purchased the property of a different owner and the Fesco connection has been in the name of the previous owner and want to add the name on your invoice, you need to adhere to the same procedures to register using the latest link. You can visit the closest Fesco office and ask to change or correct the address.

FESCO Duplicate Bill Check Online | www.fesco.com.pk

FESCO Duplicate Bill Check Online

FESCO SMS Registration

Itoffers its customers messages regarding their bill’s due date and amount. Customers can send an SMS to FESCO to get a FESCO Bill SMS notification. With the FESCO SMS service, customers’ electricity bill is sent to the online billing feature of FESCO. FESCO has introduced a brand new application that allows users to calculate the cost of electricity bills on the internet (FESCO bill estimator online).

With the aid of FESCO Meter reading SMS, customers can read and find their consumed units of the month and estimate their bills. The bill registration online service of FESCO is simple and quick. It’s the best method of saving time. FESCO bills SMS services are completely free and give its users numerous benefits like the ability to track their bills from previous years. This service is accessible through the web by SMS or even via calls.

The FESCO prior bill inquiry has become easy. All you must do is go to the FESCO website and fill in your information. You can register to receive the FESCO bill via text message. A simple screen will show you your bill as well as FESCO the status of your bill. Then, you’ll receive FESCO SMS alerts on your mobile.

How to Check FESCO Duplicate Bill Online

Electricity bill Faisalabad review your Fesco invoice online. Go to Fescobill. netl. Enter the 14-digit reference number. It is possible to download or check using the following method.

  • The way to verify the balance is through reference numbers.
  • It is necessary to type your 14 numbers Numerical Reference Number into the box, then click to submit.
  • Once you have entered the reference code, the system will automatically calculate your current electric bill.
  • Print the copy from your bills. you can check the FESCO bill online
  • Certain reference numbers have been changed. Therefore, please enter your 14-digit reference number as a reference number on your electric bill or Fesco.

FESCO bill reference number

You can’t utilize the name, address, CNIC, name, or Meter number for accessing the FESCO bill online at this moment. If you go to the closest customer service center, You will need these details to receive the FESCO bill. You can check the status of the WAPDA bill issued by FESCO with the 14-digit number of the reference.


Every bill has a unique reference number assigned to each specific customer. The name may be identical, but the reference numbers differ.

The reference number of the bill appears in the bill’s upper left corner. The reference number is in the upper right-hand edge of the 3rd line, right below the customer’s identification number. You can check for the FESCO bill online in 2022 using your reference numbers on the site’s form.

The information contained in the FESCO template bill 

  • You must make the payment after the due date
  • Extra surcharges
  • Date of reading on Meter
  • The date of issue of the bill and its payment, etc.

FESCO online bill checking of the prior month’s bill is also possible. You can review your previous month’s bills before their specific deadline for delivery and receive the bill. You can access the websites from any device and operating system. Online bill checking FESCO is accessible from any gadget, like phones, computers, desktops, and tablets.


To get your replica copy, you must take a few easy steps, and you’re ready to go.

Step 1: First, look up your previous bill and look at the reference number.

Step 2: You must enter the reference number into the box as shown.

Step 3: Once you’ve completed this step, they will create the bill, and you’ll be able to see it.

In addition, you could download your boll and print it by pressing CTRL+P


Areas covered under FESCO are in the following order:

  • Faisalabad
  • Sargodha
  • Mianwali
  • Jhang
  • Bakkar

FESCO Bill Payment

When you receive your FESCO invoice, you can pay it online or offline. This article will provide additional details on the best method to pay

Make payments offline: You may be able to pay off your FESCO bills at any bank that is commercial or a Post Office branch. To make the payment offline, you must print the bill. They must provide your bill.

Pay Online: You can pay your bill online through any bank. You can get online banking details at the bank’s branch, then download the bank application to pay your bills effortlessly. It is possible to pay your FESCO bill using EasyPaisa or JazzCash, as well as accounts with banks.

If you feel like there’s any issue with your bill or some questions you can now contact fesco.

Address: west canal road Abdullah pur Faisalabad

Call at 92419220184



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