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The E-Transfer Policy 2023 is available to teachers from the School Education Department, Punjab. Thanks to the advancement of technology, the department of education has changed the teacher Transfer Policy named as E-Transfer Policy 2023. It is the first time that Punjab Education Department is launching its Online E-Transfer System, in order to facilitate teachers. The Punjab Government, School Education Department (SED) has released the most recent notification concerning the New e-Transfer Policy 2023-24 for teachers across Punjab. The purpose of the E-Transfer Policy 2023 is to create a comprehensive and complete solution to teacher transfer issues that affect teachers of SED. This policy is expected to significantly improve efficiency, transparency, and service delivery. It will go a long way toward removing the discretion of officials and possible abuse of authority. This is why we are directed to communicate that the requirements that are contained in the eTransfer Policy shall be implemented in full and true by all parties.

Punjab School Education Department is the biggest department based on the number of employees. Teachers working in PSED work far away from their homes. So, the Punjab Govt has made some transfer regulations so that teachers can be employed in the closest Station from the comfort of home homes. School Education Department announced that there will be a brand new E-Transfer round to be held in December 2022 for teachers with specific regulations and conditions. It is important to let you know that the competent authority has authorized the opening of the e-Transfer round to allow adjustments to promotions for different classes of teachers, and for the appointment of teachers in Hardship i.e. divorce, widow, wedlock marriage, disability, medical and mutual transfers.

 Procedure for Online Transfer Applications

Transfers of teaching staff must be done via the Schools Information System (SIS). Moreover, transfer/posting against in-service promotion, hardship grounds (i.e. the categories of divorced, widowed or disabled, wedlock or medical reasons) and open merit, and newly appointed Teachers can also be made through the school Information System (SIS).

  •  Teachers and Educators may apply online for transfer or posting using login passwords on School Information System (SIS) and must attach the pertinent documents, as specified in School Information System (SIS).
  • The teacher/Educator must submit the original documents in the form of an application relevant District Education Authority (DEA) to be verified.
  • The tentative merit list, objections, and final merit list will be posted on the School Information System (SIS) Portal. The applicant can review his merits as well as the merit of the other candidates who have submitted an application to transfer via the School Information System (SIS) Portal.
  • Teachers and Educators can also make concerns about their own merits or based on the merits of the other Teachers or Educators via School Information System (SIS).
  • Teachers/Educators are required to send their responses through the School Information System (SIS) against the objections of authorities such as the District Education Authority (DEA) and should also attach pertinent documents.
  • School Information System (SIS) will create transfer orders with QR codes to select students.

E-Transfer Policy 2023 Check Online | www.schools.punjab.gov.pk

E-Transfer Policy 2023

Posting of Newly Recruited Teachers

The newly hired Teachers will be appointed in a stand-alone process according to the requirements of the Department in accordance with their merits in selection. Special emphasis will be given to teachers who are in need of urgent help. Manual offer letters of appointment will be given to the candidate selected by the authority that appointed them. Following acceptance of the offer letter, the authority appointing must mark the candidate in the category of “new Teacher” on School Information System (SIS) along with the appointment letter given to the candidate along with the acceptance letter signed by the candidate, along with the merit number assigned to them.

Vacancies as per the requirement of the Department are posted on School Information System (SIS) Portal. Priorities from the various possibilities will be sought from newly appointed Teachers / Educators through School Information System (SIS) and Teachers / Educators shall be placed in the most meritorious order. All posting orders should be processed through the electronic transfer system.

Posting on In-Service Promotion (Seniority Based)

After promotion, the teacher will be assigned during the e-Transfer round in accordance with all the options within the Department according to seniority.

The procedure shall be as under:

  • The status of promoted Teachers must be verified (tagged) on the School Information System (SIS) prior to the start of the E-Transfers round. The preference for posting will be sought from promoted Teachers in relation to all open positions during the transfer round. Posting orders are given in accordance with their age and with the appropriate preference.
  • If the Teachers do not make any selections or fail to realize promotions due to fewer choices they have chosen against the various options available to them in the e-Transfer round the orders will be made whenever possible at the schools and locations where vacancies are available in accordance with the requirements of the Department through the School Information System (SIS).
  • Any teacher who is promoted is not able to join his position within the time specified for joining in the posting order will be deemed to have lost his right to be promoted.
  • Ex-MCL cadre teachers on their promotions are only employed in schools that are Ex-MCL. If they are promoted, Teachers from Ex-MCL Cadre and General Cadre apply to the same Ex-MCL school, preference is given to the Ex-MCL Cadre Teachers over General Cadre Teacher.

E -Transfer Online Apply

Teachers who wish to move schools could make an application online. In order to assist teachers and make the process simple and easy to understand the SED has made the process online. The interested teacher will then apply to be transferred electronically, for adjustment to promotion or transfers on humanitarian grounds.

E-Transfer Application

As we begin accepting E-transfer applications We are happy to inform our readers that it is now the E-Transfer Policy 2023 has been implemented. As of the time when we began accepting Transfer Applications We are pleased to inform you it is now the E-Transfer Policy 2023 has been implemented.

SIS Application Form Download
Mutual Transfer Platform Click Here
Vacancy Position List Click Here
E Transfer 2023 Merit List Click Here

New Transfer Policy

School Education Department has announced the launch of a brand new E-Transfer Round in December 2023, for teachers who are required to adhere to specific regulations and guidelines. This is due to the fact that we are delighted with the news that the appropriate authority has endorsed the start of the transfer Round to change promotions for teachers from different categories, and waiting for educators to be placed in the event of hardship i.e. divorce, wedlock, widow, and Disability. Medical as well as mutual transfers.

 E-Transfer Portal Punjab

Welcoming you To SIS Punjab School Teacher Transfer System E. If you’ve been waiting for the 2023 policy on e-transfers You can now make your application online via the E-transfer portal in Punjab. It is the SIS School Information System application used by schools of public use within the Punjab State of Pakistan, to report data in real time. To utilize this Android application schools have to register with the Department of School Education.

Categories of Teacher E-Transfer Policy 2023 

  • Divorce
  • Widow
  • Wedlock
  • Marriage
  • Disability
  • Medical
  • Mutual Transfer

E Transfer Schedule 2023

The school education department will announce a new schedule for e transfer policy soon. You can check E Transfer schedule through the school education department’s official website after the announcement.

E Transfer Application Status

As the SED school education department launched an SIS application for the e-transfer policy, you can apply online for transfer and also the transfer application status can be checked via this site.


What is the E-transfer policy?

The goal of the Policy is to come up with an extensive and all complete solution to issues of transfer for teachers in SED.

How is merit calculated for e-transfer?

For Inter District Transfer Formula is Merit= (Tenure + Length in Current Grade+Disability+Widowed Divorced+Wedlock+Medical / 75 ) * 25.

What are e-transfer limits?

The minimum Interac e-Transfer transaction is $0.01 and the maximum amount is $3,000. There are also daily and hourly limitations for any 24-hour period you can transfer up to $3000. For any seven-day period, you are able to send as much as $10,000.

How much is the rate of E-transfer?

From $100 to $1000: $0.50 per transfer. Over $100: $1.00 per transfer.

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