Toyota History Info Trivia Facts Quiz Online

This quiz includes basic information questions and answers about the automotive manufacturing company Toyota like its founder, history, facts and other important info. This test will help you check and improve your general knowledge about one of the world’s leading automotive company.

Toyota History Info Trivia Facts Quiz Online

General Knowledge

1. Who is the current CEO of Toyota?

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2. Toyota Motor Corporation is headquarter in which country?

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3. Which one of these is not a brand of Toyota?

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4. Which of the following cars is not manufactured by Toyota?

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5. Toyota Motor Corporation was founded in:

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6. Who is the current chairman of Toyota?

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7. Which one of these is not a slogan of Toyota?

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8. Toyota also holds over 50% stake in which of the following car manufacturing companies?

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9. Who is the founder of Toyota?

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10. Name the following Toyota vehicle.

Toyota car

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