Photography Basic Information Online Quiz Test

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Test Name : Basic Photography Quiz Test
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Total Question : 10
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Total Time : 20 Minutes

If photography is your passion and you think that you are really good at it then attempt the following quiz in order to put their knowledge about basics of photography to the test.

Photography Basic Information Online Quiz Test


1. The shutter speed is measured in:

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2. What is "bulb mode" on a camera?

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3. The amount of light passing through a lens is defined by the:

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4. What is the unit of measurement for light in photography:

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5. What is the purpose of a tripod?

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6. The amount of light or darkness on a photograph is known as the:

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7. When shooting a well-lit building at night, which of the following will give you the best photo?

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8. Perfect exposure is a result of the right mixture of:

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9. What does the ISO value represent?

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10. The balancing of light within a photograph is known as the:

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