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World Major Crops Online Quiz Mcqs GK Test

Here we have a online quiz about some of the major crops of the world. Having information about such things is really important as it is quite important topic when it comes to general knowledge related written exams that’s why it is strongly recommended that you attempt this online test in order to check your level of knowledge about them.

World Major Crops Online Quiz Mcqs GK Test

General Knowledge

1. The skeleton of an adult human consists of ___________ bones.

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2. The human heart can keep beating even if it is separated from the body?

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3. When you take one step, you are using up to __________ muscles.

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4. Total number of bones in human body at the time of birth are ____________ ?

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5. The human body part which also has a unique print per person similar to fingerprints is __________?

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6. A Human nose can remember 50,000 different scents.

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7. Human bones are ounce for ounce stronger than steel?

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8. The human body parts that never stop growing are ____________ ?

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9. The Human Eye can distinguish about _____________ different colors.

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10. The human body is ____________ shorter when sleeping as compared to when they wake up in the morning.

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11. The Human Bones are composed of ___________ Water.

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12. The amount of time in which your red blood cells do a complete circuit of your body is ___________ ?

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13. The strongest muscle in human body is __________ ?

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14. The human brain uses __________ percent of the total oxygen and blood in the body.

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