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Cricket Rules and Laws Quiz Online Mcq’s Test

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Test Name:Cricket Rules and Laws Quiz Info Test
Subject:General Knowledge
Test Type:Mcqs
Total Question:10
Total Marks:20
Total Time:15 Minutes

All the cricket fans can put their general knowledge about the game to test by attempting the following quiz which is about the important rules and regulation of the sport.

Cricket Rules and Laws Quiz Online Mcq’s Test


1. How many overs of powerplay are allowed in a T-20 match?

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2. How many ways can a batsman be out?

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3. What is the maximum number of overs a bowler can bowl in T-20 cricket?

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4. What would happen if a player fielded the ball with his cap?

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5. How can the captain of a fielding side get a new ball for his bowlers?

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6. As he approaches the crease, the bowler accidentally throws the ball backwards. What happens?

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7. When umpire waves both arms across each other in front of his stomach, it means:

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8. The ball strikes a close fielder on his helmet before being caught. What happens?

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9. The umpire draws and imaginary large square shape in the air with both hands. What is he doing?

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10. The umpire “offers the light” to the batting side. What is the meaning of this?

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