Major Branches of Science Quiz Online Practice Mcqs Questions List

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Test Name : Branches of Science
Subject : Basic Science
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To help our visitors in assessing their level of knowledge about various types of sciences, below on this page we have given a free online quiz which includes all the important questions related to this topic. Questions related to major branches of science are often asked in general knowledge and everyday science related exams which makes preparing for them extremely important.

Major Branches of Science Quiz Online Practice Mcqs Questions List

Basic Science

1. The study of relationship between organism and their environment is called?

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2. A branch of biology dealing with structure and function of cells is called?

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3. The study of glands is called?

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4. What does Mycology study?

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5. ______ is the branch of science which deal with structure of animals and plants?

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6. Entomology is the science which deals with?

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7. A study of the chemical composition of the earth crust is called?

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8. What is the study of animal behavior called?

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9. A Study that deals with the process of fermentation is called ?

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10. Meteorology is the science which deals with?

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11. A branch of medicine studying blood and its disorders is called?

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12. Study of earthquake is called as?

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13. The study of tissues is called?

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14. Ornithology is the science which deals with?

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15. A branch of medicine dealing with skin is called?

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A branch of medicine dealing with eyes and related diseases is called?

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17. The study of the origin and physical and cultural development of mankind is called?

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18. Philology is the study of?

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19. The study of forces acting upon bodies in motion in the air is called?

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20. The study of fruits and seeds is known as?

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