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Cameron Diaz Basic Life Info Facts Trivia Quiz Online

The former model and Hollywood actress Cameron Diaz first to to fame with the 1994 film The Mask and after that she has starred in several more hit movies like Knight and Day, Charlie’s Angels, Vanilla Sky and Annie. To help you learn more about the personal life, movies, family background, relationships, awards and professional career of the actress, we have compiled a free online mcq’s questions quiz here.

Cameron Diaz

Cameron Diaz Basic Life Info Facts Trivia Quiz Online


1. What is her middle name?

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2. Cameron Diaz starred opposite Tom Cruise in which of the following films?

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3. Cameron Diaz is married to musician:

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4. What was Cameron Diaz`s profession before becoming an actress?

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5. Cameron Diaz was born in:

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6. Which character has she voiced in the Shrek film series?

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7. Which of the following was her first TV series as producer?

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8. Cameron Diaz was born on August 30, ____________.

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9. What character did she portrayed in the film The Other Woman?

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10. Which one of these was her debut film?

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