Bill Gates Life History Info Trivia Quiz Online Mcq’s Questions

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Test Name : Bill Gates Biography Test
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One of the richest persons in the world, Bill Gates is best known for being the co-founder of world’s largest PC software company, Microsoft. So in order to let you check that how much you actually know about him, given below is a free online quiz about his personal life as well as professional career.

Bill Gates

Bill Gates Life History Info Trivia Quiz Online Mcq’s Questions


1. Bill Gates married Melinda French in:

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2. Bill Gates was born in:

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3. Bill Gates studied at:

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4. Bill Gates was taken to jail in New Mexico during 1977 due to:

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5. What is the complete Birth Name of Bill Gates?

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6. Bill Gates co-founded Microsoft with:

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7. Bill Gates stepped down as Chairman of Microsoft in:

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8. Bill Gates founded Microsoft in:

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9. What is the name of foundation started by Bill Gates and his wife?

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10. Which one of these is a book written by Bill Gates?

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