Pakistan Plains and Soils Quiz Online Mcqs GK Info Test

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Test Name : Pakistan Plains and Soils Quiz
Subject : Pakistan GK
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Total Question : 20
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Total Time : 30 Minutes

When it comes to any general knowledge related written exam or interview, having information about the various aspects of our country is really important as question related to it are a compulsory part of most exams. So in order to help you in preparation for them, given below is a free online quiz which includes mcq’s questions and answers about the plains and soils of Pakistan.

Pakistan Plains and Soils Quiz Online Mcqs GK Info Test


1. The relief of Pakistan can be divided into how many regions?

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2. The upper Indus plain ends at the _______.

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3. Upper Indus plain is subdivided into how many Doaabs?

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4. Area around the year is known as:

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5. The major part of the lower Indus plain is:

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6. The upper Indus plain starts from the _______.

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7. The Karachi Sibi plain is located in ________.

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8. The Bars are popularly known as _________.

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9. Pakistan's plains are divided into how many parts?

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10. The plain areas in Sindh, Bahawalpur and Rachina Doaab are called _________.

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11. In the north-east sector of the upper Indus plain which flood pains are more extensively present:

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12. Which plain of Pakistan consists of recent alluvium spread over former reverine features?

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13. Haripur plain area is situated in the province:

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14. Bahawalpur plain mostly consists of ________.

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15. The lower Indus plain starts from the _______.

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16. Shallow depressions in the Karachi plain are known as:

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17. Peshawar district and major part of Mardan district, are consisted of ________.

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18. Active flood plain is also known as bet or ________.

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19. Delta plian of Pakistan starts from _________.

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20. The Karachi Sibbi plain is bounded on the north by Marri-Bugti range and on the est by _______.

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