Physiography of Pakistan Info Quiz Online General Knowledge Mcqs Test

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Test Name : Physiography of Pakistan
Subject : Pakistan GK
Test Type : Mcqs
Total Question : 20
Total Marks : 40
Total Time : 20 Minutes

Given below on this page is a online quiz related to the Physiography of Pakistan that can be used as a guide for quick and easy preparation of all general knowledge related written exams as well as interviews. Our test includes all the important questions related to this topic which makes it the easiest source of preparation available over the internet.

Physiography of Pakistan Info Quiz Online General Knowledge Mcqs Test


1. What is the total length of Pak-Iran border?

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2. When cease-fire line came into existence?

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3. In which agreement the cease-fire line's name was changed as line of control?

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4. Pakistan lies between the latitudes _______.

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5. The border of Pakistan and India between Pakistan's Punjab and Indian Punjab is known as:

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6. What is the total area of Pakistan (Excluding Azad Jammu and Kashmir)?

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7. What is the total area of Azad Kashmir?

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8. The border between Pakistan and Afghanistan is called _______.

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9. Runn of Kuchh boundary line is also known _________.

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10. In which side of sub continent Pakistan is situated?

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11. What is the total length of Pak-Afghan border?

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12. What is the total area of Pakistan sq miles?

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13. Name the area which separates Pakistan from Tajikistan (Central Asian States).

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14. The border agreement between Pakistan and India on Runn of Kuuchh was signed in ______.

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15. In which year boundary agreement was signed between Pakistan and China?

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16. Pakistan lies between the longitudes_______.

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17. In which year line of control came existence?

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18. Area of Wakhan is under the control of __________.

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19. Pakistan is divided into how many physiographical divisions?

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20. What is the total length of Pak-China border?

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