Pakistan Day 23 March Quiz Online GK mcq’s Questions Answers Test

Pakistan Day is celebrated as a national holiday in the country in the memory of Lahore Resolution at Minar-e-Pakistan during 1940 and also the adoption of Pakistan’s first constitution on the same day during 1956. The following quiz will help you test your general knowledge information about this important day in the history of the country.

Pakistan Day 23 March Quiz Online GK mcq’s Questions Answers Test


1. The Pakistan Day is celebrated to commemorate the:

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2. At which place in Lahore was the Pakistan Resolution Session held?

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3. In which year, the Pakistan Resolution was passed?

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4. The Minar-e-Pakistan was built in:

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5. The Pakistan Resolution was passed in which city?

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6. Who translated the Pakistan Resolution in English?

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7. The Pakistan Day is celebrated on:

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8. What is the current name of Minto Park?

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9. The Pakistan Resolution was presented by:

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10. What is the official name of Pakistan Day?

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