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History of Pakistan From 1947 to 2022 Online Test 9 Mcqs

By attempting this quiz, you will be able to test and also improve your general knowledge about the history of Pakistan right from its Independence in 1947 to till 2022. What makes this information so important is that many written exams such as ISSB, PPSC, CSS and NTS contain such questions so everyone who is going to appear in them, should definitely first try to practice here.

History of Pakistan From 1947 to 2022 Online Test 9 Mcqs Quiz with Question Answer


1. Nuclear device was exploded at Chaghi

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2. Rana Muhammad Iqbal became the speaker of Punjab Provincial Assembly

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3. The UN Human Rights Award is given posthumously to Benazir Bhutto, the award is received by her son Bilawal?

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4. The State Bank of Pakistan unveils Rs. 33 billion bail out plan for the stock market

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5. Fifth census was held in Pakistan

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6. General elections for the 11th Constituent Assembly were held

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7. Saleem Raza is announced as the new governor of the State Bank of Pakistan

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8. Qaim Ali Shah elected as a Chief Minister of Sindh

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9. Pakistan took the charge of chairmanship of group of Twenty  (G.20)

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10. Which amendments relates to the establishment of special courts for trial of heinous offences?

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11. Through 13th amendment Articles 58(2b) and 112(2)(b) were deleted from the constitution

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12. The government of Nawaz Sharif dissolved by General Pervaz Musharraf

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13. Nawab Aslam Raissani became the Chief Minister of Balochistan

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14. Muhammad Rafique Tarar elected as President of Pakistan

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15. General Pervaz Musharraf resigned as the President of Pakistan

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16. Parvez Musharraf became the Chief of Army Staff

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17. Third August 40B type Henze Submarine was inducted to Navel fleet

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18. Nawaz Sharif took oath of office as Prime Minister of Pakistan for the second time

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19. Asif Ali Zardari took oath as 12th President of Pakistan

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20. General Pervaz Musharraf launched Devolution of Power Plan 2000

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