14 August Pakistan Independence Day Quiz Show Online Question with Answers

The Independence day of Pakistan is celebrated on 14th August every year. This day is declared a national holiday and celebrations in the whole country are conducted in honor to the sacrifices made by people during Pakistan Independence Movement and also to thank Allah for the freedom we enjoy by living in an independent country. So just to check your level of general knowledge about this important day, below is a quiz about 14 Pakistan Independence Day which you should definitely attempt in order to see how good your level of information is about this topic.

14 August Pakistan Independence Day Quiz Show Online Question with Answers


1. The National Anthem of Pakistan was officially adopted in:

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2. The Pakistan Movement was led by which political Party?

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3. Which one of these is also known as the Father of the Nation?

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4. The Pakistan Independence Movement was led under the leadership of:

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5. Which one of the following wrote the lyrics of Pakistan National Anthem?

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6. Who was the first President of Pakistan?

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7. The National Flag of Pakistan was designed by:

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8. The National Flag of Pakistan was adopted on:

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9. Which one of these was the first Governor General of Pakistan?

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10. Who was the first Prime Minister of Pakistan?

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11. The Independence Day of Pakistan is celebrated:

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12. In the Islamic Calender, the day of Pakistan independence coincided with:

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