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Percentage Maths Online Quiz Test

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Test Name : Percentage Maths Online Quiz Info Test
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Total Question : 20
Total Marks : 40
Total Time : 15 Minutes

Given below is a free online mathematics quiz which includes mcqs questions and answers related to the topic of Percentage. All the individuals who are preparing to appear in any math related exam or just want to improve their problem solving skills, can attempt this test in order to do so with ease.

Percentage Maths Online Quiz Test With Question Answers Mcqs


1. A student has to secure 15% marks to get through. If he gets 80 marks and fails by 70 marks, find the maximum marks set for the examination.

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2. If 70%of students in a school are boys and the number of girls is 504, the number of boys is:

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3. The daily wages is increased by 25% and a person now gets Rs. 25 per day. What was his daily wage before the increase?

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4. The radius of a sphere is increased by 10%. The surface area increases by:

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5. The population of a town is 32000. It increases 15% annualy. What will it be in 2 years?

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6. A number is increased by 20 % and then decreased by 20% , the final value of the number:

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7. 6  2/3% expressed as a fraction in its lowest term is:

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8. The population of a town is decreased by 20% and 25% in two two successive years. What percent population is decreased after two years?

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9. If 200% of a number is 90, the what is the 80% of that number?

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10. The income of a company increases 20% per annum. If its income is Rs. 2664000 in the year 1999 what was its income  in the year 1997?

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11. A's income is 25% more than B's income. B's income in terms of A's income is:

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12. What percentage is equivalent to 5 1/4?

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13. In an examination, 1100 boys and 900 girls appeared. 50% of the boys and 40% of the girls passed the examination. The percentage of candidates failed is:

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14. Take p to be six times as large as q. The percent q is less than p is:

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15. Express 7/8 as percentage.

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16. If the radius of a circle is decreased by 50%, its area is reduced by:

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17. If 12% of x equal to 6% of y, then 18% of x will be equal to how much percent of y?

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18. The length and breadth of a square are increased by 40% and 30% respectively. The areas of the resulting rectangle exceeds the area of the square by:

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19. What percentage of 12 is 84?

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20. One side of a square is increased by 30%. To maintain the same area the other side will have to be decreased by:

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