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Given below is a free online mathematics quiz which includes mcqs questions and answers related to the topic of Averages. All the individuals who are preparing to appear in any math related exam or just want to improve their problem solving skills, can attempt this test in order to do so with ease.

Average Maths Online Quiz Test With Question Answers Mcqs


1. The average monthly salary of a staff of 9 persons is Rs. 2650 is transferred. Find the average salary of the remaining 8 persons of the staff.

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2. In a class of 20 students in a examination in Mathematics 2 students scored 100 marks each, 3 got zero each and the average of the whole class?

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3. The average of 7 consecutive numbers is 33. The largest o f these numbers is:

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4. Five years ago, the average age of age of P and Q was 15 years. Average age of P, Q and R today is 20 years. How old will R be after 10 years?

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5. The average of 50 numbers is 38. If two numbers 45 and 55 are discarded, the average of the remaining set of number is:

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6. The average of first five prime number is:

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7. The average of first 50 natural number is:

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8. A motorist travels to a place 150 km away at an average speed of 50 km per hour and returns at 130 km per hour. His average speed for the whole journey in km per hour is:

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9. The average of eight numbers is 14. The average of six of these numbers is 16. The average of the remaining two numbers is:

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10. The mean of 100 observations was calculated as 40. It was found later on that one of the observations was misread as 83 instead of 53. The correct mean is:

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11. A cricketer has a certain average for 9 innings. In the tenth inning, he score 100 runs, there by increasing his average by 8 runs. His new average is:

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12. The average height of 30 boys out of a class of 50, is 160 cm, the average height of the whole class (in cm) is:

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13. The average income of A for 15 days is Rs. 70. The average for first five days is Rs. 60 and  that for the last nine days is Rs. 80. The income for the sixth day is:

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14. The average of two numbers is 62. If 2 is added to the smaller number, the ratio between the numbers becomes 1:2. The smaller number is:

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