Important Islamic Events in Ramadan Online Quiz GK Mcqs Test

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Test Name : Important Islamic Events in Ramadan Info Test
Subject : Islamic General Knowledge
Test Type : Mcqs
Total Question : 10
Total Marks : 20
Total Time : 15 Minutes

Given below is a general knowledge quiz about some of the important Islamic events which took place during the Holy Month of Ramadan. All of our visitors can attempt this test in order to increase their level of information about this topic.

Important Islamic Events in Ramadan Online Quiz GK Mcqs Test


1. Towrat was bestowed on Hazrat Musa (A.S) on ___________ Ramadan.

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2. Hazrat Ali bin Abu Talib died on:

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3. The Battle of Badr was won by the Muslims on _____________ .

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4. Injil was bestowed on Hazrat Isa (A.S) on:

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5. The third wife of Hazrat Muhammad (SAW), Aisha bint Abu Bakr (R.A) died on ___________ .

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6. Mecca was conquered by Muslims on:

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7. The Islamic Republic of Pakistan was established on 14 August 1947 which was ___________ .

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8. Zabur was bestowed on Hazrat Dawud (A.S) on:

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9. The first wife of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), Khadīja al-Kubra died on __________ .

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10. Imam Hassan ibn Ali (A.S) was born on:

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