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First in Islam Quiz 2 Online GK Mcqs Questions and Answers

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Test Name:First in Islam Quiz Info Test
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For quick and easy online preparation of all Islamic general knowledge related written exams and interviews, below on this page we have provided a free online quiz related to the first things in Islam which includes questions like first migration, first Juma Prayer, first Hajj and first Eid celebration. So you can attempt this test in order to prepare for your exam in best possible way in a short period of time.

First in Islam Quiz 2 Online GK Mcqs Questions and Answers


1. The first Nabi of the Holy Prophet (SAW) was __________.

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2. The first Islamic educational cantre was the house of ______________.

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3. __________ compiled the first work of Hadith "Sahifa-e-Sadiqa".

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4. The first Sahabi who was buried in "Jannat-ul-Baqi" was ____________.

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5. The first ambassador of Islam was _________ in Madina.

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6. For the first time as forgiveness of murder, Holy Prophet (SAW) forgave the blood of ____________.

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7. The Holy prophet (SAW) sent the first letter to _______.

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8. The first Ghazwa fought between Mushikeen and Islam was __________.

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9. The Muslims first migrated to _____________.

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10. First Mujadid was ____________.

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11. The first Syria of Islam was _____________.

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12. The first Hajj was performed in _______________.

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13. The first Salate-ul-Khauf was performed in Ghazwa _________.

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14. The first "Ameer-ul-Hajj" was ___________.

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15. The Holy Quran was revealed from _______________.

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16. The Holy Prophet (SAW) led the first Juma prayer in ____________.

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17. The first couple who migrated for Islam was __________.

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18. The first capital of Islam is _________.

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19. The hypocrites participated in Ghazwa __________ for the first time.

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20. The first Eid-ul-Fitar was celebrated in ______________.

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