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Join PAF Physics Online Test 4 Preparation- Pakistan Air Force Jobs Test

If Candidates want to Join Pakistan Air Force then they Must Prepare Three subject English Physics and Mathematics more and more because At PAF Joining Test are taken by these three subjects. Here We have Physics Preparation Test for Candidates which make you more confident at Test Day. Please take all PAF Physics test Online and improve your grade for best preparation.

After Taking Our Online Physics Test You can check your Grade and Right Answer Result Sheet where you can Imagine your exact Preparation for Final Test. You Can Attempt One Test Here more then 2 or 3 time for Better results and Preparation.

Its Our Advice please take these test more seriously because now a days in PAF Test Negative Marking also done its mean you don’t tick any question by roughly so Prepare before appearing in Test you have Total Three chances at PAF to take Test.

Total 25 Questions will be Asked within time allowed 30 Minutes .For Take this Test Please Click below START TEST BUTTON Below.

Join PAF Physics Online Test 4 Preparation- Pakistan Air Force Jobs Test

This quiz must be completed in 30 minutes.

You Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest.


  1. I want to join pak air force ..I m trying to make my self better …and I m trying to required your principles of p.A.F and I will try my best if have passed the examination of your recommended test..i Want to join it …

  2. Hlooo guys…..PMA kay admission kab say start ho rahain hain …..

  3. i got100% rezult

  4. I got 88%

  5. Mera wala kmbakht result show nahi kar rahan …??

  6. In 1st chance i got 68%

  7. i got 96% in physics test 4

  8. i got 100% in physics 3

  9. i got 96% in physics test 2

  10. i got 100% in physics test 1

  11. i got 100%
    hai koi aur

  12. i really enjoy it

  13. You r wrong!
    when current carrying wire is placed in magnetic field ,a forced is exerted on the wire which can be found by right hand rule and this principal is used in motors.
    right hand rule
    Thumb shows the direction of current, finger shhow the direction of magnetic field and magnetic force is perpendicular to the plane of hand.

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