PMA ISSB Chemistry Initial Test Online 2 Preparation

Test Instructions

Test Name : PMA Chemistry Test 2
Subject : Forces Test
Test Type : Mcqs
Total Question : 25
Total Marks : 50
Total Time : 25 Minutes
Test Name: PMA ISSB Chemistry Initial Test Online 2 Preparation
Test For: Candidates whose want to Join the Pak Army
Helpful For: The PMA ISSB Test for the Armed forces SO you can get the Online Preparation for the Subject General Knowledge Initial Test Online 1 for the joining Armed force it will be very helpful for you to get Easy Preparation Online.

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PMA ISSB Chemistry Initial Test Online 2 Preparation

This quiz must be completed in 25 minutes.

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  1. Easy but we can’t read books

  2. alhmdulilah!!! I got 96%….and one mistakenly clicked wrong

  3. Tasaddaq ashfaq


  4. IshQöl?? P?th?n

    After 2 Years Congrats

  5. Correction ..
    Witherite= BaCO3

  6. 88% in First attempt….:)

  7. too tough test

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