ISSB Intelligence Test 15 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

The Psychological Test is the very important part of the ISSB Test and in the ISSB Psychological Test would be various tests One word substitution, Insertion of missing letter, Insertion of missing number or figure, Word association, Jumbled words, Sentence completion test, Letter distinction, General Knowledge Test, Alphabetical test, Completion Test, Synonym test, Direction test, Spotting the stranger, Code test, Coding and decoding, Commonsense test, Multiple choice test, Arithmetic test.

ISSB Intelligence Test 15 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test Below:

This quiz must be completed in 30 minutes.
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  1. what was all this test?? jis ny ab apply kia ho for the post of English Language lecturer at PAF,, aur 10th class k baad kbhi math na kia ho,, kya wo aisa test kr paay ga???
    how is it possible k intelligence mn aisy maths k e sary k sary questions aayn gy???????
    if not, then how to prepare for that of the post of English Lecturer????

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