ISSB Intelligence Test 3 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

Test Instructions

Test Name : Intelligence Test 3
Subject : Forces Test
Test Type : Mcqs
Total Question : 20
Total Marks : 40
Total Time : 40 Minutes

The Inter Services Selection Board is a selection committee ISSB Test is the Specifically to join the Military forces like Pakistan Army, Air Force (PAF), Navy, Rangers etc. The Candidates are given a written test to solve in specific time. The Test Includes questions based on Academic subjects. the candidates read the during their education.

ISSB Intelligence Test 3 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test Below:

This quiz must be completed in 30 minutes.
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  1. Anyone here ,who’s selected in pakistan army for Comission Officer

  2. Yup I got 90% A+

  3. hi guyz

  4. Got 75%

  5. Ahsan Ishtiaq Rana

    I got ?% marks again in 3rd as gotten in 2nd test. That’s so awesome. As like before again for proof

  6. I doing my best and 100% A+ grade

  7. 7 aug ko kis kis k test ha gd pilot ka??/?

  8. got 90% in first attempt

  9. I got 95 % marks. ….

  10. i got 100% unbeatable….

  11. 90%?? Always hop for best

  12. Got 85prcnt

  13. i got 100% marks

  14. Very Nice Kalsoom Aap ne kahan Tayari ki thi..

  15. 20/20 in 3 minutes.

  16. wow me and abdullah khan got 18 over 20

  17. syed aijaz ali shah jaffri

    i got 95%

  18. wanna ask about pattern of short service commission exam…specifically for the post of GDDO..if someone can help me plz

  19. I have got 80% now

  20. Question 19’s answer should be 5. Not 10.
    Please explain.

  21. How is question 19’s answer 10? It should be 5 according to the pattern that is being followed.

  22. Hassaan Sikandar


  23. Kaunsa qusetion, question nums change hotay rehtay hain
    Saaray k saray questions theek hain, except a logical mistake in one question, koi b question ka answer ghalat nahi hay

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