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ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

The Inter Services Selection Board is a selection committee for candidates for officer commissions in the armed forces of Pakistan, the Army, Navy and Air Force. Selection is made on the basis of three days of psychological screening to test ability, aptitude and personality. After the ISSB 3 days test candidates called for the next procedure.

ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Joining Pak Army PAF Navy

This quiz must be completed in 60 minutes.


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  1. my result

    Your Test Result Card
    Test Name : ISSB Intelligence Test 1
    Total Questions : 25
    Your Right Answers : 25
    Percentage : 100 %
    Grade :

    Rating : Unbeatable
    Points : 50

  2. Mohammad Hamza Noor

    I Got 84%

  3. hellow everone

  4. Yeah i got 96% Allhamdullillah

  5. very nice

  6. lovely questions

  7. Very difficult question

  8. Friends i gotet 80%

  9. Box coded ka ans kesy ata ha plz connect m

  10. i got 72%

  11. Guys!i got 96%???

  12. could anyone plz explain the question, of the answer is “Tuesday”?

  13. Join Shaheen Leaders Academy, Rawalpindi for preparation of ISSB, Airman Tests, Airwoman Tests and Cadet Colleges of Lower Topa and Sargodha under Supervision of Highly Educated Retd Edu Insts of PAF. Contact for Detail: 03348480890

  14. which word is out of list…
    1) kit
    2) fad
    3) hat
    4) far

    the answer is kit????????

  15. Q) If sunday is dawned 3 days before yesterday then what day will dawn 2 days after tommorow?
    1) Monday
    2) Sunday
    3) Saturday
    4) Tuesday

    Answer is Tuesday ???????????????

    • No dear if Sunday downed 3 days before( yesterday )
      It will be like this before yesterday=(Friday,Thursday,Wednesday) 3 days dawned Tuesday will come then…

  16. What will come next 16 12 28 8 4 …?
    1) 12
    2) 40

    The answer is 12?????

  17. tell me avery1

  18. intelligence bearue ki preparing kahan se kre

  19. any one tell me about Q no 15??

  20. Why is the site unresponsive? Its not showing the result.. Just keeps on loading the grade

  21. ya website q kam nai kr rahi

  22. whats wrong yarr

  23. any one can tell me the reson of this MCQ

  24. AlhamduLillah got 88%

  25. Usman Gohar Poet

    what letter comes alphatically in order in the letter mother

  26. Sibghatullah Sherazi

    Q: 16 12 28 8 4_?

    Ans is 12

  27. Guys I got 64%.

  28. helle my name is waqas and i am 14 years old and i wished to be pilot plz friend pray for me and i pray to all my friend

  29. Yehhhhh I got 76%

  30. Ahaan Got 80% in first test

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