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ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

The Inter Services Selection Board is a selection committee for candidates for officer commissions in the armed forces of Pakistan, the Army, Navy and Air Force. Selection is made on the basis of three days of psychological screening to test ability, aptitude and personality. After the ISSB 3 days test candidates called for the next procedure.

ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Joining Pak Army PAF Navy

This quiz must be completed in 60 minutes.


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  1. my result

    Your Test Result Card
    Test Name : ISSB Intelligence Test 1
    Total Questions : 25
    Your Right Answers : 25
    Percentage : 100 %
    Grade :

    Rating : Unbeatable
    Points : 50

  2. Mohammad Hamza Noor

    I Got 84%

  3. Yeah i got 96% Allhamdullillah

  4. very nice

  5. lovely questions

  6. Very difficult question

  7. Friends i gotet 80%

  8. Box coded ka ans kesy ata ha plz connect m

  9. Guys!i got 96%???

  10. could anyone plz explain the question, of the answer is “Tuesday”?

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  12. which word is out of list…
    1) kit
    2) fad
    3) hat
    4) far

    the answer is kit????????

  13. Q) If sunday is dawned 3 days before yesterday then what day will dawn 2 days after tommorow?
    1) Monday
    2) Sunday
    3) Saturday
    4) Tuesday

    Answer is Tuesday ???????????????

    • No dear if Sunday downed 3 days before( yesterday )
      It will be like this before yesterday=(Friday,Thursday,Wednesday) 3 days dawned Tuesday will come then…

  14. What will come next 16 12 28 8 4 …?
    1) 12
    2) 40

    The answer is 12?????

  15. tell me avery1

  16. intelligence bearue ki preparing kahan se kre

  17. any one tell me about Q no 15??

  18. Why is the site unresponsive? Its not showing the result.. Just keeps on loading the grade

  19. ya website q kam nai kr rahi

  20. whats wrong yarr

  21. any one can tell me the reson of this MCQ

  22. AlhamduLillah got 88%

  23. Usman Gohar Poet

    what letter comes alphatically in order in the letter mother

  24. Sibghatullah Sherazi

    Q: 16 12 28 8 4_?

    Ans is 12

  25. helle my name is waqas and i am 14 years old and i wished to be pilot plz friend pray for me and i pray to all my friend

  26. Yehhhhh I got 76%

  27. Ahaan Got 80% in first test

  28. I will join soon

  29. Allhamdullilah I got 84% …..

  30. 96%

  31. i got 91% marks

  32. Nice website had enough data for preparations

  33. How are you my friend….

  34. Applying here

  35. Yeah its good practice

  36. i gained 88%

  37. i have got 92percent

  38. Goood Material for preparation … !

  39. math ka courses kaha sa ata ha education instructors ma plz tell

  40. Koe bata sakta hay ka initial test ma passing marks kitna chaiya hoty han

  41. Assalamualaikum Sir/ Madam
    In this issb test I got 84% means that
    My 21 answers were correct out of 25 .
    So kindly can you guide me about this test that after this test what is next step after this test .

  42. Can anyone tell me that whether issb for female candidate in paf IT is different from GDP and CAE ? Or is it the same?

  43. please tell me some book for preparation of GDp test

  44. Q 23 guys. please help

  45. i got 84% wasy ya test katny marks ka hota or katny mcqs hotay hain

  46. how much time is given for IT intelligence test? and number of mcqs?

  47. Any body tell accounts officer test pattern in PAF accounts branch

  48. Any body who tell computer science test master level

  49. Aeronautical engineering initial test k liye koi kn si book bst ry g?? Especially 4 intelligence tst???

  50. Helo ? ..
    Any one here ??
    I need some help ?

  51. q8 koi explain kry ga??

  52. Kis type k question ate initial tst me???

  53. There is someone who gives the test for GDP last year ????
    if someone so please tell me what type of questions were b asked to a candidate ???

  54. Salam dear friends !
    Please someone help me to solve this question so i m humbly thanks to u …..!
    A train travelled for 30 mins at a speed of 90 Km/hour and for another 50 mins travelled at speed of 120km/hour .How much distance will it covers ????
    Answer is 3 (three)
    what is the method to solve this question with step by step ?

  55. any study tips for initial


  57. There is someone who gives the test for aeronautical engineering last year ????
    if someone so please tell me what type of questions were b asked to a candidate ???
    little bit confusing or easy test ????
    Any idea dear friends ?????

  58. 100 percentage A+ grade

  59. i got 100% oh yeah

  60. i got 80% marks

  61. I got 96 % marks

  62. im 13 years but i still got 76% hehe

  63. I got 88 ??

  64. Q 4 what will come Next in following List?

    4 12 36 108 _?_

    4*3 = 12

    12*3 = 36

    36*3 = 108

    108*3 = 324 “ans”

  65. i got 92%

  66. Muhammad Hussnain

    I got 96%

  67. I got 96%….

  68. 100%.unbeatable

  69. Gays I got 88 …….

  70. Awesome I got 100% grade A++++…

  71. i got 80 %

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  73. issb test ki admission kab honge
    . please tell me

  74. i got 72 percentage can i join the army

  75. I GOT 60%

  76. Ye Cheez

  77. chk out

  78. Friend Em Join PAF My test After 2months…..so How TO lEARING…… plz help

  79. I got 100% in first attemp

  80. I got 72% in first attempt

  81. SIR my age is 23 and i am doing master my last semstr.sir can me apply kr skta hou ARMY,NAVY,PAF me as a officer.

  82. I got 92% in first attempt

  83. I got 80% in first attempt

  84. I got 76% in first attempt

  85. Information about ISSB collected 03076912307.I will help you as I can.

  86. Good website

  87. i got 96%

  88. I got 100%

  89. I got 96% alhamdullillah

  90. MuhAmmad AdEel

    i got 80%

  91. I got 98 % .

  92. I got 76%

  93. i got 98%

  94. got 76 % marks in first attempt not bad

  95. i got 60% marks

  96. Malik Wakil Anjum

    i got 100% points in the given test at my first attempt, these were easy but in the test some harder questions will be faced?

  97. Malik Wakil Anjum

    hi, salam to every and good luck about ur issb preparation exam. do hard work because the test has different screening out stages, failure at any stage disqualify you from the next stage and you will be go back to home. as well as take exercises regularly i mean physical exercise and get some tips from the seniors ones about medical checkup

  98. I am 13 and I am solving this

  99. my result at first attempt

  100. MY Result Is Atached …

  101. sareer ahmad khan

    yea its good job

  102. I go 100% marks

  103. 60% .first preparation test

  104. 88% and I am in schòol

  105. I got in 55 present marks

  106. 22.16 kaisa solve hota hai

  107. Meraal it is dependant of recommened grade not marks if you recommend with strong grade it will be better.

  108. Imran Haider Bangash

    I got 100%

  109. good job

  110. excellent

  111. Just Pray For my Success

    Merit hota hy But Aise nahe hota js tra ap soch rhe hain,, Har ksi ka apna merit…Top merits jin k ajati hain Wo vacancies fil kr daiti hain ,,baki Waitng may chali jati hain,,,U just need to pass issb with good merit…Suppose 10 seats hain too apply bht sare logon ne kiya hota hy ab jo top 10 may ajate hain un ko seats mil jati hain baki waiting…

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