ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Pak Army PAF Navy Joining

There are so many resources to make an intense preparation for the ISSB Intelligence test and Gotest. Pk is one of the significant resources for ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation. All tests related to different main topics of preparation of ISSB over here are necessary and helpful to make ISSB Intelligence Test Preparation Online.There is the best collection of content for ISSB Test 1 Preparation online So, visit Gotest. pk and prepare for ISSB Intelligence Test 1, Pak Army initial, Air force initial, and all related intelligence tests because there are various types of tests on this page available.

The Inter Services Selection Board is a selection committee for candidates for officer commissions in the armed forces of Pakistan, the Army, Navy and Air Force. Selection is made on the basis of three days of psychological screening to test ability, aptitude and personality. After the ISSB 3 days test candidates called for the next procedure.

Number series: The Practice for ISSB Intelligence Test Preparation

An excellent example of a part commonly used for IQ tests is the series of numbers. The test will show an array of numbers and give the task to write in the missing number. When you train yourself with these number series, you’ll be able to grasp the reason behind the series better because many of these are utilized frequently, and you learn to comprehend these series.

ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation Computerized Initial Test For Joining Pak Army PAF Navy

ISSB Intelligence Test 1 Online Preparation

This quiz must be completed in 60 minutes.


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Which book is best for ISSB Intelligence Test 1 preparation?

ISSB Test Preparation Guide Book :Dogar Brothers utterly provide the Best Stuff to help you prepare for exams. Go through Dogar Brothers’ Book of Dogar Brothers to be chosen for your exam.

How do I clear the ISSB test?

  • Tips To Clear ISSB Psychological Test
  • Be aware of the type of tests (which we’ve mentioned previously)
  • Practice your skills by doing.
  • The tests for ISSB Intelligence can perform efficiently through our ISSB Test Preparation Material.
  • Create a list of your thoughts and opinions, then attempt to take these tests.
  • Don’t present yourself as a superhuman.

How do I pass ISSB?

Check out the news, watch television, and browse the internet to learn more about current events. Study the history of defense and politics since there are general questions on the ISSB exam.

Can you study for an intelligence test preparation?

Practice taking IQ assessments is something you ought to practice. Do various tests, and then determine which components cause you problems. Do more practice with those components than others, and then try not just to resolve the issues but to discover the real reason behind the solution.

You Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest.


  1. my result

    Your Test Result Card
    Test Name : ISSB Intelligence Test 1
    Total Questions : 25
    Your Right Answers : 25
    Percentage : 100 %
    Grade :

    Rating : Unbeatable
    Points : 50

    1. jani deko agar box ka code ha BCPQYZ to simple si bath ha wo sequence say jarha ha box ma paly b araha ha to next cd hoga pir o ky agy pq ayga or x ky agy xy ayga
      same like abc

    1. bro they are saying that sunday dawned three days it means ap pechay jay sunday ky three like saturday 1 friday 2 then thursday 3rd day same now go back 2 days from thursday it will be tuesday

  2. Join Shaheen Leaders Academy, Rawalpindi for preparation of ISSB, Airman Tests, Airwoman Tests and Cadet Colleges of Lower Topa and Sargodha under Supervision of Highly Educated Retd Edu Insts of PAF. Contact for Detail: 03348480890

  3. Q) If sunday is dawned 3 days before yesterday then what day will dawn 2 days after tommorow?
    1) Monday
    2) Sunday
    3) Saturday
    4) Tuesday

    Answer is Tuesday ???????????????

    1. No dear if Sunday downed 3 days before( yesterday )
      It will be like this before yesterday=(Friday,Thursday,Wednesday) 3 days dawned Tuesday will come then…

  4. helle my name is waqas and i am 14 years old and i wished to be pilot plz friend pray for me and i pray to all my friend

  5. Assalamualaikum Sir/ Madam
    In this issb test I got 84% means that
    My 21 answers were correct out of 25 .
    So kindly can you guide me about this test that after this test what is next step after this test .

  6. Can anyone tell me that whether issb for female candidate in paf IT is different from GDP and CAE ? Or is it the same?

  7. Aeronautical engineering initial test k liye koi kn si book bst ry g?? Especially 4 intelligence tst???

  8. There is someone who gives the test for GDP last year ????
    if someone so please tell me what type of questions were b asked to a candidate ???

    1. contact me on me mail i have past paper related the GDP AND other intelligence test which can help you

    2. many bi apply kiya ha…. GD(P) …….. apny apply kiya tha or plz batana test kisi tarha ka hota ha.. maujy nhi pata kasa hota ha test ha . plz batana..

  9. Salam dear friends !
    Please someone help me to solve this question so i m humbly thanks to u …..!
    A train travelled for 30 mins at a speed of 90 Km/hour and for another 50 mins travelled at speed of 120km/hour .How much distance will it covers ????
    Answer is 3 (three)
    what is the method to solve this question with step by step ?

      1. Thanks Sir !
        but your solution is so complicated i cant understand what u did to solve this !
        and secondly answer is three Where z ur answer ?

    1. Guys is there somebody has info about army graduate recruitment..about initial tests like intelligance,general knowledge…etc…and mahrukh munir see the example faster one is ninety km/hr and calculate by formula thats
      distance covered =speed / time elapsed.

    2. First of all convert the speed into m/s as the unit of speed is m/s. Then convert the time into seconds as the unit of time is seconds.
      calculate them by converting and then use the formula for distance which is speed*time. calculate the both parts separately and then add them you will get the answer most probably. Pardon me if i am wrong. 🙂

        1. Any one who is Accounts Officer or have experience of initial test in such field kindly tell me about academic portion . i am going to apply in july 2017. i shall be very thankful 🙂

  10. There is someone who gives the test for aeronautical engineering last year ????
    if someone so please tell me what type of questions were b asked to a candidate ???
    little bit confusing or easy test ????
    Any idea dear friends ?????

    1. I am also giving initial for aeronautical engineering.for the interview questions related to current affairs are also asked. And just try to be honest and positive.

      1. Thanks and
        Aap tayari kaha se kar rahi hai ???? Plz guide me ???
        and Current affairs questions mtlb for example ???

  11. Q 4 what will come Next in following List?

    4 12 36 108 _?_

    4*3 = 12

    12*3 = 36

    36*3 = 108

    108*3 = 324 “ans”

  12. PMA long course vacancies has been announced for test preparation guidance and interview tips free of cost contact me at 03076912307.

  13. SIR my age is 23 and i am doing master my last semstr.sir can me apply kr skta hou ARMY,NAVY,PAF me as a officer.

  14. i got 100% points in the given test at my first attempt, these were easy but in the test some harder questions will be faced?

  15. hi, salam to every and good luck about ur issb preparation exam. do hard work because the test has different screening out stages, failure at any stage disqualify you from the next stage and you will be go back to home. as well as take exercises regularly i mean physical exercise and get some tips from the seniors ones about medical checkup

  16. Meraal it is dependant of recommened grade not marks if you recommend with strong grade it will be better.

  17. Merit hota hy But Aise nahe hota js tra ap soch rhe hain,, Har ksi ka apna merit…Top merits jin k ajati hain Wo vacancies fil kr daiti hain ,,baki Waitng may chali jati hain,,,U just need to pass issb with good merit…Suppose 10 seats hain too apply bht sare logon ne kiya hota hy ab jo top 10 may ajate hain un ko seats mil jati hain baki waiting…

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