Intelligence Test Online 1 Situation Reaction Questions with Answers

To help our visitors in the preparation of various written exams, given below is a free online intelligence test which includes questions and answers related to situation reaction. You will be given various situations and will have to choose the best reaction out of the given options.

Intelligence Test Online 1 Situation Reaction Questions with Answers


1. Your friend has not invited you to his marriage party, will you:

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2. You were to go out to dine with your partner. Suddenly, she pretends headache. What will you do?

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3. You are very happy with you partner. But there is someone else you fancy, and it is mutual. What will you do?

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4. You are walking down the street and suddenly you see two hundred rupee notes of the pavement. What action will you take?

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5. While on an early morning walk, you find a man lying unconscious on the road. What action will you take?

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6. You are in a bus. The bus reaches your stop but still you have not purchased the ticket because of heavy rush. What will you do?

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7. You are interviewed for a new job. Which of the following questions is the most important to you?

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8. You have had enough to eat. But your wife is urging you to have some more because she had made it specially for you. Will you:

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9. A friend of yours is trying to discuss with you his religious views in which you have no interest. Will you:

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10. You have heard rumors that your neighbour's husband is carrying an affair with other women. If his wife asks you about it, what will you do?

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  1. your website is unbalanced and unfair. who are you to tell use that we are wrong? we are doing the situations we personally would do, how can you make a website telling people that they are wrong. >:(

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