Interesting and Amazing Facts about Earth

Earth is one of those planets in solar system where life conditions and life exists. It has gone through many transformations over eons, many lives have lived here and many got extinct. Earth is a mysterious place, you can explore as much as you want and still feel like it’s nothing. We are reshaping our earth everyday by technology and many of our good and bad conducts but it will always be the place we would love. Many campaigns regarding protection of earth rise and these are really important as they raise awareness regarding our bad deeds that destroy our earth.

Interesting and Amazing Facts about Earth

Amazing Facts about Earth

Technological advancement on earth is increasing but along with it exploitation of earth materials is disturbing the balance of our planet. There are so many wonderful things about our earth that needs to be protected such as:

  • High mountains and deep trenches of the sea, there is a life that needs them and they are just 1/5000th of the circumference of earth, not so much that we can’t take care of them.
  • One day on earth is not really 24 hours it is 23 hours, 56 minutes and 4 seconds. We just take approximate value to be 24 hours.
  • 100 tons of meteoritic dust enter earth’s atmosphere daily, they are already polluting our environment so we need to lower the pollution by ourselves.
  • Meteorites that fall on earth leave craters but then again there was one meteor that was not only the largest one but it didn’t leave any crater, as stone do not leave any mark on water. Its name is hoba meteor.
  • Our oceans are being destroyed by the oil and gas exploitation and transportation; do you know there are 1 million species in the oceans that need to be protected from this destruction?
  • Earth’s core is the hottest part of earth and it is impossible to reach it in any way possible but one thing will make you desire to reach there and that is the presence of 99% of earth’s gold. Who doesn’t want to be rich?
  • There are bacteria at the depth of 2.8 km that survive by producing energy from uranium that is by the help of radioactivity.

These are just some of the things on earth that are mind blowing, in reality there are hundreds and thousands of things on earth that will blow our minds completely making us love earth and explore more and more about it.

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