20 Interesting Funny Facts About Computers and Internet World Past History

Computers and internet are completely amazing inventions because they have made our lives a lot easier. With the rapid improvement in technology these days, we now have transferred human work burden over computers in order to generate more accurate work with efficiency. With computers being combined with the internet, the world has become a tiny place as we can do everything like connecting with other people, shopping and learning about things while sitting on a computer at any place.

But things were not like this always as there was a time when internet and computers didn’t even exits. So just to give you a idea about the history and revolution of technology, below we have listed some really amazing facts about computers and internet. Read these facts to learn about how things have kept changing over time.

Internet and Computer

Read Top 20 Interesting Funny Facts About Computers and Internet

  1. The world’s first ever electro-mechanical computer was invented in 1936 by Konrad Zuse who named it Z1.
  2. The world’s first computer mouse was made of wood. It was invented by Doug Engelbart in 1964.
  3. Around 6,000 new computer viruses are released each month.Computer Virus
  4. The country having the highest percentage of internet users in the world is Sweden.
  5. The writer of quintessential command ‘Ctrl+Alt+Delete’ was David Bradley.
  6. It is widely believed that the first ever computer virus was created by Farooq Alvi brothers in 1986. The aim behind designing the virus was to protect their research work.
  7. The longest word that can bTypewritere written by using the letters of just one row of the keyboard isTYPEWRITER”.
  8. The World Wide Web reached around 50 million users within just 4 years of its start.
  9. Only about 8% of the world’s currency is physical money while the rest exists only over computers.
  10. On average, a normal person’s blink rate is 20 times per minute which reduces to almost 7 while using a computer.
  11. The world’s first ever hard drive was created in 1979 which was capable of holding just 5MB of data.

    first Computer hard drive
    first Computer hard drive
  12. If Facebook would have been a country, it would have been the third largest in the world as it has over 800 million users at the moment which are increasing day by day.
  13. E-mail has been around way earlier than the World Wide Web.
  14. The current rate of Domain names registration is over one million named per month.Bill Gates House
  15. The first ever Domain name to be registered was Symbolics.com.
  16. The house of Microsoft founder Bill Gates was designed using a Macintosh computer.
  17. The Domain registration process was completely free till 14th September, 1995.
  18. With each passing minute, about 10 hours of videos are being uploaded on YouTube now.
  19. Out of about 247 billion email messages sent each day, 81% are just spam.
  20. Released in 1993, Mosaic was the first popular web browser of the world.
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