The Values of Games Essay With Outlines

The Values of Games Essay Outlines:

  1. Introduction: Games are an integral part of education. Education aims at the development of both mind and body. Games take care of the development of the body.
  2. They improve one’s health. Games improve one’s health: Only healthy bodies can have healthy minds in them. Healthy students are generally optimistic in their attitude towards life.
  3. Games are a source of recreation: Playing games even for a short while can banish day’s fatigue and boredom.
  4. The help in the building of Character: Games impart moral instruction and teach qualities that tend to make a person a better citizen.
  5. They teach sportsmanship: Games teach sportsmanship, which includes qualities like team spirit, discipline, co-operation, fair play and taking victories and defeats in the right spirit.
  6. Conclusion: It is good that we have started realising the importance of games.

The Values of Games Essay With Outlines

If we take a balanced view of education, we shall recognise that games and sports are an integral part of education. Education aims at the development of both body, mind, and prepares us to meet the challenge of life boldly and successfully. We shall certainly fail to meet this challenge if we take a lop-sided view of education and exclude games and sports from it or do not pay them due attention. Our mind will develop, though certainly not to its full powers, but our body will not, it will in course of time waste away and many a disease will be set it. One may, then, only exist and not live.

The first great value of games, therefore, is a sound and healthy body, which they help us to have. “Health is wealth “and “a sound mind in a sound body” is age-old proverbs. However, very few people realise their true significance. It is obvious that those who take part in games not only have a healthy and robust body but also possess an agile mind. Their outlook on life is generally broad and optimistic. Games and sports also provide us with a lot of recreation and fun. They are an excellent pastime with some people. A little participation in games at the end of a day’s hard work will bring back our lost energy, afford us relaxation and banish our boredom.

One aim of education is to build character, to impart some sort of moral instruction and inculcate certain traits, which help a person in leading a responsible life – a life in which he is able to strike a happy balance among his obligations towards society, towards the State and towards himself. Books and contacts with the outside world do teach us these aspects, but games also have an important role to play in their development. A player learns these traits in a practical manner on the playground.

Most of the games like cricket, football and hockey depend upon teamwork. The success of the team is the supreme passion of each player. There is cooperation and obedience to the captain. The captain coordinates and directs the activities of all the players. The teams in their turn are subject to the judgement of umpires and referees. Therefore, those who participate in games are generally able to develop the sterling qualities of team spirit, obedience to rightful authority and a sense of fair play. Such players, when they start their lives in right earnest do not plough a lonely furrow but work untidily for the common good. Here one may recall what the Duke of Wellington said after the defeat of Napoleon. He said that Napoleon was defeated not at Waterloo (though he actually and literally was) but on the playing fields of Eton. Obviously, the Duke meant that the qualities of discipline, sacrifice and self-dedications inculcated by the English boys in their games were a decisive factor in the fall of Napoleon.

Since the chief motive in games and sports is fun and unalloyed excitement, players accept their defeat smilingly. They play for the sake of the game and develop what is popularly called sportsmanship. This is an important trait of one’s personality and is more useful today than it ever was. Today defeats and disappointments stare us in the face at every step and the strain caused by the pace of the modern world is sometimes unbearable. This quality of accepting a defeat cheerfully will therefore be extremely useful to us.

Therefore, we see that the games are of great value in the process of education. But it is unfortunate that in our country sufficient attention is not paid to games and sports. We are generally said to lack sports-consciousness. Although several measures are being taken to remedy the situation, yet it will take a long time before we can compete with countries like the U.S.A., Australia and even the U.K. It is at happy augury that recently a chain of regional colleges for physical education has been established. We also have a National Institute of Sports at Islamabad. No doubt, these institutions will play an important role in training people and popularising games and sports, which surely have an individual, social, national and international importance.
(Lop sided – one-sided; Agile – active; Pastime – hobby; Inculcate – to develop; To plough a lonely furrow – to work alone; Unalloyed – unabated; Augury-omen.)

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