The Problems of Unemployment Essay With Outlines

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The Problems of Unemployment Essay Outlines

  1. It is a major problem: The number of unemployed people has been increasing year after year. It is around one core at present.
  2. Different types of unemployment: (a) Educated people in urban areas; who are totally unemployed; (b) agriculturists in the countryside are mostly underemployed; (c) a large number of people with high qualifications are forced to accept jobs not compatible with their talent and caliber.
  3. Causes of unemployment: (a) Pakistan is an underdeveloped country; (b) lack of technical education and vocational guidance; (c) lack of coordination among educational planning and job-expansion programs; d) gradual decline of cottage industries.
  4. The tragic effects of unemployment: (a) It breeds frustration; (b) It drives talented people to foreign countries; (c) it is responsible for our poor living standards.
  5. Other measures to check unemployment: (a) The fast-growing population should be checked; (b) our education policy should be revised; (c) our industrial policy also needs recasting; (d) our youth should change their attitude.

What Do You Know The Problems of Unemployment Essay

Unemployment refers to the situation where an experienced and skilled person was looking for work. However, they are unable to find a suitable job due to a variety of factors. Unemployment is a serious issue that is not just in Pakistan but across the entire world. There are a lot of people that are unemployed. In addition, the issues of unemployment are extremely serious in Pakistan due to the rising population and the demand for jobs. Furthermore, if we ignore this issue, it could end up being the reason behind the decline of our nation.

The Problems of Unemployment Essay With Outlines

The Problems of Unemployment Essay

Types of Unemployment

Now we understand what is unemployment, however, it doesn’t just mean that a person has no job. Also, unemployment includes those working in areas that are not in their field of expertise. The many kinds of unemployment are disguised unemployed, seasonal open unemployment technological unemployment, and structural unemployment, and structural. Other types of unemployment are called cyclic unemployment,  education-related unemployment, chronic unemployment, frictional unemployment, and casual.

In addition is the fact that seasonal unemployment or underemployment, as well as hidden joblessness, are some of the frequent forms of unemployment found in Pakistan.

Reasons for Unemployment

In a country such as Pakistan, there is a lot of reason for a substantial portion of the population being not working. A few of the reasons include the growth of population and slow economic growth seasonal work and slow growth of the economy and the decline of the cottage sector. Furthermore, they are the primary reasons for the unemployment rate in India. In addition, the problem is so dire that educated individuals are able to perform the work of sweepers. In addition, the government isn’t working with a serious attitude.

Beyond that, the majority of the population is employed in agriculture and it only offers work during the harvest or planting time. The main reason for the lack of employment in India is the large population that requires a massive number of jobs per year, which the authorities and government cannot provide.

Consequences of The Problems of Unemployment Essay

If things continue as they are now, unemployment could become a serious problem. Alongside this, it is also the case that these things occur in an economy that results in a rise in poverty, a rise in crime rates and exploitation of workers, mental health, political instability, and a decline in skills. This means that all of this could cause the destruction of the country.

Impacts of Unemployment

Effect On The Economy:

Unemployment has a negative impact on the economy because productivity drops below that the norm. If there is a high percentage of unemployment across the country, the government is forced to bear a higher cost of borrowing due to the reduction in production and less consumption of products and services by the population. The unemployed not only consume less, but even the employed people have lower purchasing power due to fears about losing their job. The unemployed who are not employed and not contributing to the growth of the economic system, however, receive benefits from governments. This is a cost to the economy in total (Baker 2009).

Social Effects:

The problem of unemployment is not just affecting the economy, there are many social impacts as well. Here are a few aspects of the social consequences of unemployment:

  • In the event that there is a lack of employment in the population individuals lose their abilities because of lack of use and that leads to a loss in human capital.
  • The mental illness could be a decline in self-confidence anger, sadness, and negative thoughts about everyday items in the event of a loss of income and self-esteem of a person get affected by these mental disorders.

Financial Difficulties:

Unemployment can cause family members with financial difficulties. It is difficult for people to meet their financial obligations punctually and this causes frustration within the family, creates tension within the family and results in suicides.

Criminality Increases:

When there’s a shortage of workers within society, the crime rate increases. If people aren’t able to earn an income, they could engage in robbery, theft, and even murder to ensure their daily lives.

Political Instability:

As a result of unemployment, people are less trusting of government officials and their administration. this could lead to political instability.

Uncertainty among employees who are currently employed If the economy faces unemployment, it causes anxiety for employees who are already employed as their buying power diminishes due to fear of or uncertainty regarding their job.

Living standards are low The effects of unemployment are a poor standard of living because job seekers compete for work and workers will be willing to accept lower wages and their living standards will fall because of their income.

The Employment Gap:

Joblessness creates unemployment gaps within the businesses to hire a qualified person and also, those who are unemployed must find a new jobs in difficult circumstances. This causes inequality in income generation.

Steps to Eliminate Unemployment

Many strategies and ideas have been put into place to create jobs. Many employment policies and programs have been developed and implemented to increase self-employment as well as help those who are unemployed to take part in public work. In the past, the Government of India has taken numerous policy steps to tackle the issue of unemployment. A few of these measures include such as the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Act (MGNREGA), National Skill Development Mission, Swarna Jayanti Shahari Rozgar Yojana (SJSRY), Regional Rural Banks (RRBs).

Despite the steps taken by authorities, Pakistan remains a country that is experiencing a significant problem with unemployment. It is possible to solve this problem through education that is designed so that the youth acquire the required abilities, in order to gain employment quickly. The establishment of various vocational and vocational training courses for postgraduate and undergraduate students can help find jobs for young people. The government should emphasize these courses at the elementary stage and make them a mandatory component of the curriculum to help students become proficient in the early years of their lives.

Career Counseling is required in schools and colleges to ensure that students can select the best career path depending on their preferences and capabilities. The government should provide more jobs for young people and recent graduates.

The Problems of Unemployment Essay in Long

The problem of unemployment is one of our major problems. Our development plans as conceived so far have failed to provide an adequate solution for it. In almost every Five-year Plan, the Government has been giving great importance to the problem of unemployment but in spite of the fact that seven plans have been completed by now, this problem continues to be as grave as ever. The backlog of unemployment at the end of the seventh plan was about 10 million.

This figure includes not only matriculates and graduates but also even post-graduates and fully qualified engineers. In fact, over the years, our unemployment problem has become almost intractable.

Unemployment, in Pakistan, is of varying kinds and degrees. A large number of people are completely jobless. They keep knocking about from pillar to post in search of pretty jobs, but wherever they go, they are faced with the relentless ‘no vacancy’ boards. Most of the people in this category are educated and belong to urban areas. However, one-fourth of our unemployed populace get their sustenance from land and they are not completely unemployed. Because of the nature of their work, they have to remain in forced idleness for one-third of the year. Even otherwise, their working hours being confined to mornings and evenings, they waste the rest of their day in idle gossip.

Loss in terms of man-hours suffered thus is colossal indeed. These farmers can be called underemployed or seasonally employed. Finally, there are people who, for want of jobs compatible with their talent and capability, have to accept meager-salaried clerical jobs since they are not considered unemployed, and accurate statistics in their case cannot be made available. However, their number ought to exceed the number of unemployed.

Pakistan is still an underdeveloped nation. Pakistan is usually described as a rich country inhabited by the poor. It means that Pakistan is rich in natural resources, but they need exploitation. There is still great scope for expansion on all fronts. Large tracts are still lying barren. They could be brought under cultivation. More dams could be built, and more electricity generated. Roads leading to the villages are slushy and dusty; they could be tarred. Villages are still engulfed in darkness at night; they could be electrified. A large number of villages lack basic amenities. They need schools, hospitals, dispensaries, libraries, and community centers. All these can provide work to millions.

Lack of technical education and vocational guidance along with a distaste for manual labor is responsible for unemployment or misemployment among educated people. Our education should have been job-oriented. We produced engineers but did not set up a sufficient number of factories to absorb them. This is what caused unemployment among engineers. Because of large-scale industrialization and the introduction of computerized control of various jobs, a good deal of reshuffling has been necessitated. There are jobs with no trained personnel available and there are people with no jobs. The country needs someone with a prophetic vision to assess its future needs accurately and to correlate industrial development with plans for professional training.

Gradual disintegration and extinction of the cottage industry account for under-employment among the farmers. Large-scale industry has displaced the cottage industry. The craze for mechanized devices has deprived the villages of much useful work. People also have a lure of machine-made goods. So cottage industry products do not find a ready market.

Unemployment leads to very tragic consequences. Which breeds frustration among some, and discontent among others. It has forced some of the most talented Pakistani scientists to migrate to some foreign countries and settle there permanently and is responsible for the under-nourishment of our children and our poor living standards and poor education and medical facilities. It needs a Herculean effort to solve this problem and we shall have to change our perspective completely in future plans.

We shall have to revise our educational policy and give entirely different biases to our education. We shall have to un correlate and coordinate our various programs. University syllabi will have to be revised to meet the needs of the country. Our industrial policy also deserves a fresh look. At this juncture of our development, when we are gearing to step into the twenty-first century, it would look ridiculous to argue against large industries. But the government must provide a shield to the cottage industry so that it can continue to provide jobs to millions of our countrymen.

The Government is committed to solving the problem and the Seventh Five-Year Plan was so designed that the creation of Jobs would gradually be lessened. The same strategy is being persisted within the eighth plan as well. But our unemployed youth also need a change in their attitude. They will have to give up their infatuation with white-collared jobs. God has given everyone the capacity to work and earn more than his daily bread and whoever is ready to use that capacity is sure to find work. No labor is too mean for one who works to earn an honest penny. The only thing is the readiness to use the hands and feet that God has given us.

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(Intractable – unmanageable; Relentless – strict; Sustenance – means of support; Accentuate – to aggravate; Conspicuous – prominent; Slushy – uneven; Aversion – dislike; Extinction – wiping out of existence; Herculean – huge; Perspective – point of view.)

FAQs for The Problems of Unemployment Essay

How do you start an unemployment essay?

Writing about unemployment: 5 tips

  • Find a topic that is specific to you. Unemployment is a complicated concept and is a recurring phenomenon
  • Do your research. The next step is to identify reliable sources and then process the essential data.
  • Draw an outline.
  • Create the draft.
  • Edit and proofread your essay.

What are the main causes of unemployment?

The main reasons are the increasing population as well as slow economic growth seasonal work and slow growth in the economy and the decline of the cottage business.

What are the main causes of unemployment?

Unemployed people are usually more vulnerable to a variety of issues, such as the difficulty of finding work and lower income. Unemployment can also impact the economy and society in general.

How we can solve the problem of unemployment?

Solutions to unemployment issues are changes in industrial methods as well as policies for seasonal unemployment, changes to the educational system, expanding job exchanges, providing more support to self-employed workers, an emphasis on full and productive work, and a rise in production rates.

How we can solve the problem of unemployment?

The impact of a high unemployment rate on the economy is in a variety of ways. People who are not employed tend to be less spending, could be more in debt, and may cause higher costs by federal and state governments for items such as food stamps.

What are the types of unemployment?

There are three primary types of unemployment namely structural, cyclical and frictional unemployment.

The main reasons are the increasing population as well as slow economic growth seasonal work and slow growth in the economy and the decline of the cottage business.

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