The Importance of Discipline in Life Essay with Outlines

The Importance of Discipline in Life Outlines:
1. Introduction. Discipline implies acting in life according to certain laws or norms of society. Discipline is very essential for the preservation of social values,
2. Discipline in nature. Nature reflects perfect discipline. The movement of planets, the change of seasons and other natural phenomena show perfect discipline.
3. The importance of discipline in domestic, social, and political life. There can be no happiness in a family in which there is no discipline. In a discipline less society, life becomes insecure. Discipline is the backbone of political life.
4. The importance of discipline to students and their teachers. Discipline is important both for the teachers and the taught. Undisciplined teachers are never respected; undisciplined students gain nothing.
5. Discipline is not servility. Discipline does not mean blind submission to authority. In social and political life, discipline should never be military discipline.

The Importance of Discipline in Life Essay with Outlines

Discipline, precisely, means to act in life according to certain rules or norms of society. Primarily, these rules relate to our social code of conduct. Discipline demands strict control over man’s sense of freedom which, if unchecked, may bring disorder and anarchy in the normal life of a country. The basic animal instinct in man, lest it should prove harmful for society, must be checked by means of discipline.

Nature is the best mirror of perfect discipline to all of us. Every object in nature moves according to a strictly regulated plan. One can easily notice a perfect order prevailing in the movement of the sun, the moon and the other planets. Seasons change according to a certain plan. Rains do not precede summer nor does spring precede winter. Tides in the oceans, crops in the fields, animals in the forest – all follow a certain pattern which is extremely essential to sustain life. Nature, thus, provides us with a sense of orderly manner and places before us an ideal to be followed in our own life. Can we imagine how chaotic, uncertain and unpredictable life would be if there were no order, no pattern in it?

There is hardly any sphere of life in which the value of discipline is not realized sooner or later. Life in a house or an office just becomes a mess if a proper sense of discipline is not cultivated among its members. In our social life, we are expected to follow certain norms of behavior in order to maintain the smooth running of the social order.

Without it, life gets upset and soon goes out of gear. People must demonstrate a sense of discipline even in small things like boarding buses and trains, buying cinema allude tickets or vegetables. In the political life of a nation, lo Snabuto discipline proves its backbone. A political party of a loving democratic nation soon loses its prestige in the eyes of the common man if it does not shed off its internal differences or if it suffers from groupism or factionalism. No citizens will be encouraged to follow in the footsteps of those political leaders who fight among themselves for petty and selfish ends without caring for the party discipline. Such a political party soon goes to dogs and the voters lose all confidence in it.

Discipline is necessary for both, the teachers and the taught. A good teacher has a great responsibility of keeping Vliese a high image of his personality in society. This cannot be done unless he maintains an intellectual and moral discipline of a high order. No student will obey and respect quid an undisciplined teacher, however high may be his no 9 knowledge and scholarship. Similarly, only a serious and self-disciplined student achieves something worth the
name in life. Undisciplined students just wander here and there, waste away their precious time and energy in useless activities and later on repent in life. They soon learn that there is no shortcut to success and it is only through consistent hard work and self-d is a misconceived notion and a wrong interpretation of discipline.

We must know that discipline, ultimately, is a great trainer. It ensures a tremendous moral force to the is people of a country. A disciplined nation is definitely better placed in all respects than an undisciplined one. Every country’s moral and economic advancement is linked up with its disciplined course of life. It is to be clearly noted that only the type of discipline enforced by a Hitler which is virtually the regimentation of society is bad for a country. But it should not be mistaken for our military discipline which imposes a certain code of conduct upon our army personnel. Military discipline demands a high spirit of self-sacrifice for the sake of the country, particularly when the nation is in peril.

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