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Students and Politics Essay With Outlines and Quotations

Students and Politics Essay Outlines:
1. Introduction. In general, students should avoid politics.
2. The evil effects of indulging in politics. (a) Their studies suffer. (b) Even those students who pursue politics as their general profession fare badly since, their academics having been neglected, they fail to grasp the important national and international issues.
3. Politicians should not be allowed to exploit student power. However important the political issues maybe, politicians must be kept off the campus.
4. Students and the struggle for freedom. It is true that our students were at the forefront of the struggle for freedom but the situation at that time was different from the present situation.
5. Conclusion. Students should cultivate political awareness but should not actively participate in politics.

Students and Politics Essay With Outlines and Quotations

Student participation in politics is a highly debatable issue. Strong arguments can be put forward both in favor of and against the issue. It may be said that early initiation of the youth when they are passing through a sensitive phase of their life may prove to be harmful. On the other hand, it may be argued that the current political atmosphere is so vitiated and a present lot of politicians are, generally speaking, so corrupt that unless they are completely ousted and the youth take charge of the situation, there appears to be no hope for the country. Both the arguments carry weight. However, anything attempted prematurely does not bring very happy results. If the youth are not strong enough to fight infection, they might catch the infection themselves. Both sides having been carefully considered, perhaps it is better for the students to shun politics, at least in the early stages of their student life.

The first great disadvantage the students suffer when they participate in politics is the general neglect of their studies. It is not difficult to come by intelligent young students who have been victims of extreme indulgence in politics. They cut a sorry figure at examinations and then repent, but it is too late. Even those who become professional politicians when they grow up fare poorly. They are ill-equipped for the job. They lack an all-around general education and are also unaware of the basic concepts of politics. They fail to grasp great national and international issues in the fields of economics, science, and technology. If we examine the educational qualifications and general mental caliber of our politicians, we shall get a jolt. How can such politicians lead us on to progress? Perhaps one reason for this situation may be that they pursued politics immaturely and at the cost of their studies when they were young.

If we want this unfortunate situation to be avoided, we must take concrete steps at all levels of our national life to save young students from the ill effects of politics. To begin with, all political parties must agree not to touch the student community for their own benefit. They may have very just caused and they might like to enlist the support of everybody, but even then they should not involve students in their activities. This would be in the larger interest of the country. Nor should the political parties support, financially or otherwise any contestant in student elections.

Colleges and universities can also do a lot in saving their students. They should not allow any party to function on the campus or in the premises of a college. While admitting students, a college or a university might insist on some sort of undertaking from the students and their parents that active politics would be shunned at all costs. What has been said above may, it is feared, lead some people to believe that we want students to be ignorant of politics. They would argue that education would be incomplete without a good dose of politics. They would also invoke history and say that during the independence struggle many students left their studies, took part in the freedom movement, and played an important role in the life of the country.

This argument is strong and cannot be brushed aside. We agree that students should not be ignorant of politics. But this does not call for compulsory involvement in politics. As for the students leaving their studies during the struggle for freedom, it may be said that the situation has now changed. There is no such great movement today as may call for this disruption of student life. The big problems that the country faces – problems of poverty, unemployment, corruption, illiteracy – can be solved only if the student community diligently pursues its studies.

Students should only be spectators of the political happenings around them. They should observe and absorb the various movements with the help of their teachers and parents. They may show a keen interest but in a peaceful manner. For this purpose, we may have mock parliaments, Governments, and Cabinets. Peaceful debates will help them form their views. They will thus be better prepared for life when they complete their studies. So passive participation in politics by students is the best solution to the problem.

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