Sportsmanship Essay With Outlines

Sportsmanship Essay Outlines:
1. Introduction. We need sportsmanship to face the rude challenges of life.
2. Sportsmanship implies fair play. True sportsmanship prefers losing the game to playing it foul.
3. It means team spirit. A true sportsman plays for the whole team and not for his individual glory. He shows great cooperation. And co-operation is one of the most important qualities in life.
4. It teaches discipline. A true sportsman shows loyalty and discipline. He obeys the captain. This kind of discipline is needed in domestic, social, and political spheres of life.
5. A true sportsman is broad-minded. A true sportsman is very large-hearted. He admires even his rival. He has a great spirit of tolerance.
6. Conclusion. It is a matter of great regret that we lack sportsmanship in our life. As a matter of fact, we do not show sportsmanship even in the field of sports,

Sportsmanship Essay With Outlines

Life is a queer game. While it offers vast possibilities, it is also full of threats to our existence. How to stand the rude challenges of life? Does it become a man to succumb to the challenges and play foul in life? What is the safest way to keep intact human integrity while fighting against the heavy odds of life? The remedy lies in playing the game of life according to the spirit imbibed on the playfield. Sportsmanship is a rare virtue. Victory or defeat hardly matters in a game. What matters is the fairness with which the game is played. In the world of games, neither are there victors nor those who get vanquished, because nothing is lost if the players learn how to play fair.

Sportsmanship means fair play. A true sportsman will prefer losing the game to playing it foul. The teams that encourage foul play are exposed to universal condemnation. We are all players in this game of life and must be fair to ourselves and to others in our daily dealings. The cardinal virtues of honesty, frankness, and integrity are conducive to a pleasant and smooth social climate. Hypocrisy, double-dealing, intriguing, and duplicity are the means of success for a man who has no moral conscience. Such a man plays foul and feels rewarded. But a true sportsman will never behave in a foul manner.

A true sportsman plays for the glory of his team. All the individual players in a team play with team spirit. No good player can afford to pay for his personal glory. An individual player is nowhere recognized when the team is routed. All the players are confederates in a single cause. Even the best players cannot put up a brilliant show without the cooperation of their friends in the team. Don’t we need team- spirit in life also? Isn’t our life without mutual cooperation reduced to petty competitions and sinister designs? We forget that every individual is an integral part of society. Imagine the state of chaos and anarchy if all are individually busy in the pursuit of their selfish ends. Man is selfish but he can do a bit for others also. A nation can touch the heights of glory if all its people are integrated towards common ends. Petty persons die and are forgotten after their burial. It is only the selfless who go down as immortal in the annals of human history. It is such men who make a nation’s pillars deep And lift them to the sky.

Faith, loyalty, discipline, and obedience are the qualities of a true sportsman. He obeys the captain and never questions his intentions. A team will fall under if players start questioning their captain. The best players would ungrudgingly leave the UR playground even if the referee is wrong. Such a spirit leads to harmony. We require discipline in life also. Discipline, obedience to the established authority, and loyalty to seniors will create an era of prosperity. We must have regard for our cultural values, our institutions, and our traditions. All the planets are subject to strict discipline. What would happen to the world if a few planets revolted against their authority, left their fixed positions, and collided? Discipline does not negate freedom but it does regulate its use. Liberty is not licensed. We have to observe the rules of the road, otherwise, we will be unable to remove the injured to the hospital.

A true sportsman admires even his rival. There are no barriers for a true sportsman. This large-heartedness makes our life happy. We are often jealous of our opponent’s success. We must have a spirit of tolerance and the capacity to appreciate merit where merit is. Antony’s high tribute to Brutus in Julius Caesar is a fine example of sportsmanship. His elegiac words about Brutus’s nobility and integrity brighten his image. In recent times, there has been a great decline in the sportsman spirit. Now we play not for the sake of playing but for money, power, and personal glory. When millions of dollars are at stake, who would care for fair play? Ben Johnson was stripped of his gold medal in the Seoul Olympics for having used banned drugs to improve his muscular efficiency. Isn’t that a sad commentary on our attitudes?

There are frequent heated exchanges between the players and umpires in various tennis tournaments. The tribe of John McEnroe, Javed Miandad, and Dennis Lillee are on the increase while players like Ramanathan Krishnan and G.R. Vishwanath have become a rare commodity. And what is true of sports is equally true of life. Nobody cares for fair play and honesty. Money has become the most important value of life. Everything else is secondary. What a sorry state of affairs!

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