Man and Machines Essay With Outlines

Man and Machines Essay Outlines:

  1. Introduction: Machines can perform miraculous feats.
  2. Machines relieve men of tiresome, monotonous work: Transport agriculture, industry – all these fields have been mechanised in order to relieve man of tiresome, monotonous work.
  3. An analysis of the daily routine of an ordinary man to show the all-round utility of machines: While getting ready for the office, at the office, back home in the evening after a day’s tiring work, most of our work is done with the help of machines.
  4. Machines in the service of the housewife: Housework has also become much simpler with the help of mechanical kitchen aids.
  5. Conclusion: Unfortunately, machines are gradually becoming our masters.

Man and Machines Essay With Outlines

In our childhood, all of us must have read about the amazing feats performed by Aladdin’s Jinn. However, the feats performed by modern machines are far more amazing than any other we have ever read about. Sitting in our own house, we can see a match being played in Australia, or in the West Indies. Just pressing a button can take us into the immeasurable space and merely pulling a lever can destroy a whole country in an instant. All this has been achieved with the help of machines.

Ever since man started scientific experimentation, he has been trying to relieve himself of weary, monotonous work. He found walking tiresome and time-consuming. Therefore, he invented the bicycle, the motor car, the railway train, and the airplane, and now there is the rocket that can fly at an astronomical speed. Agriculture was man’s major occupation. But he found tilling and cultivating land a difficult job and kept on transferring most of his work to machines. Today the bulk of agricultural work right from the ploughing of land to the harvesting of crops is done with the help of machines. Industry has, of course, been completely mechanised.

In fact, if we analyse our daily life, we shall discover that it is completely dominated by machines. The little time-piece whose chiming awakens us is just a small, simple machine. We wash with water pumped into our house with the help of machines. We eat our breakfast also prepared with the help of machines. The clothes we wear are mechanically produced. A machine takes us to our place of work. There we either directly operate machines or work with the help of things manufactured by machines. If we feel hot, we turn on a fan, a cooler or an air conditioner; in winter we switch on an electric heater. All these are small machines. Two of the most useful instruments in our office are a telephone and a typewriter, and both of them are machines. When were turn home in the evening, we switch on a radio, a television, or a record player. Sometimes we go to the movies. All these are examples of machines. Like the agriculturist and the office-goers, the housewife also found her kitchen work a kind of drudgery. But the latest electrical appliances like cooking ranges, mixers, refrigerators, hot cases, ovens, etc., have made the kitchen work mere fun. In addition, there are the washing machine and the electric press to take the sting out of her work. Gone are the days when the woman of the house had to sweat hard on her work. Now she presses a button the garments are washed clean, she presses another button, and the dough is ready. If we describe the twentieth century as an age of machines, it should not be an exaggeration.

But a very deplorable fact about the modern age of machines is that the relationship between the man and the machines is getting perverted. Machines were supposed to be extra limbs of man, and he could use them whenever he liked. They were man’s slaves, like Aladdin’s jinn. But today machines have become so powerful that it is man who has been reduced to the level of a slave. Man’s dependence on machines is total. A minor breakdown of machines anywhere is capable of causing a major disturbance. Power breakdown or a breakdown in the means of communication can put the whole country out of gear. Besides, machines work at a tremendous speed. Man finds it difficult to cope with the speed of machines and this creates tension in his mind. Large machines also cause unemployment, or if that is a fallacy, at least they keep on disturbing the pattern of employment. It is easy to conclude that although machines have relieved man of much of his irksome work, they have-not made him happier than before.

(Monotonous – dull; Drudgery – dull work; Deplorable-regrettable; Irksome – annoying.)

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