Life in a College Hostel Essay With Outlines and Quotations

Life in a College Hostel Essay Outlines:

  1. Introduction: The general notion is that life in a college hostel is free from all restraints. Students are not subjected to any strict discipline and they are, in general, their own masters.
  2. Very little restraint in the hostel: It is partially true that there is very little restraint in the hostel. Students enjoy plenty of liberty. While some students make good use of it, others act in an irresponsible manner.
  3. Advantages of living in a hostel: (a) Students can do their work without any external interference. (b) Difficult topics can be discussed with fellow students. (c) Students learn initiative. (d) They learn to be efficient and self- sufficient.
  4. Risks of living in a hostel: (a) Students get alienated from their families. (b) It is easy to fall into bad company and catch bad habits. (c) Drug addiction has become a common phenomenon in the hostels. (d) Sometimes hostels become dens of nefarious political activity.
  5. The role of the authorities: If the students have to make good use of their stay at the hostel, the authorities must realise their responsibility and make the hostel atmosphere conducive to studies.
  6. Conclusion: Students also should behave in a disciplined way and strike a balance between liberty and restraint.

Life in a College Hostel Essay With Outlines and Quotations

Hostel life at the college stage is very different from that during one’s school years. The greatest charm of hostel life is the great sense of liberty, the resident experiences. The boys and girls find themselves completely free from parental restraint which so irked them when at home. They find that they can remain in bed as long as they like, and, joy of joys; no one comes to drag them out of the arms of sleep. They may, if they so please, stay all day in the hostel, and no one comes to ask them why they have missed college they study or not according to their own sweet will and pleasure, parents being too far away to reproach them. Hostel students find all the above-mentioned things possible. However, this does not imply that they do take advantage of all these opportunities. That would indeed be a gross misrepresentation of facts. Those who are born lazy, or are so inclined, make good use of the excellent opportunity to indulge in these ways. Others are there, however, who realise their responsibility and exercise this liberty in moderation.

Now all this may make people think that hostel life is not very healthy for college students. A hostel provides the students greater facilities to study. They are free to do their own work unhampered by their younger brothers and sisters. A hostel resident will be able to discuss difficult topics with fellow inmates and can get to use more reference books. Hostel life helps in developing the initiative of our young men and women. Managing the mess, co-operating in the daily life of the hostel, they come out better able to manage their own affairs than students who live at home. They learn how to be efficient and self- sufficient.

Since every coin has two sides to it, hostel life has its risks as well; it has often been observed that those students who spend many years in hostels get alienated from their families. When they go back to their families at the end of their student life, they find it difficult to adjust. They do not feel strong emotional ties with their families, nor do they realise their problems. Thus for a long time, they live like strangers in their own houses. Besides, in the hostels, it is very easy to fall in bad company. Lack of restraint leads to an abuse of their freedom. They neglect their studies and allow entertainment and fashion to become the pivot of their existence. They fall prey to the bad habits of smoking, and drinking. Worse still, they get addicted to drugs, and begin sliding down the path of immorality very rapid rate. Sometimes hostels become dens of nefarious political activity. Immature and inexperienced as they are, students prove to be an easy material for exploitation. They fall into the hands of unscrupulous politicians and their careers are spoiled.

These pitfalls can be avoided provided the hostel authorities recognise their responsibilities. They should realize that in the absence of the parents, they are required to play the role of the parents of their students. They should not only be aware of the students’ problems, which they should try their best to solve, but also be easily accessible to them for all kinds of counselings. If they are able to give proper and timely career or psychological guidance to the students, they will be able to carve a rosy future for many of them.

Thus, we see that hostel life for college students can be good or bad. This depends on both the students and the hostel authorities. The authorities cannot put the students into a straitjacket and curtail their movements. Such a harsh step is just not possible. But they can definitely chalk out some kind of a broad code of conduct to guide the students. More than that, they can inculcate a sense of discipline and other moral values so that the students devise their own code of conduct. Self-discipline is always better than discipline imposed from outside. Students should be made to realise that their future depends upon how they behave during their stay in the hostel, and this realisation will transform them into a disciplined and responsible lot dedicated to noble ideas.

(Irk – irritate; Reproach – reproof, rebuke; Unhampered -undisturbed; Lax – slack, not strict in discipline; Appalling -horrible; Pivot – a pin on which anything turns; Put into a straight jacket – to impose restrictions; Curtail-to cut short.)

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