Leisure – Its Uses and Abuses Essay with Outlines

Leisure – Its Uses and Abuses Essay Outlines:
1. Introduction. Humor implies the capability to laugh and make others laugh. Humor is extremely important in our day-to-day relationship with our relatives and friends.
2. Jovial nature is welcome to all. It can win us numerous friends and get us out of numerous difficulties. It can help us in tackling a variety of odd situations.
3. Good humor springs from a healthy attitude towards life. We cannot cultivate humor or enjoy it unless we have a healthy attitude towards life unless we can see a silver lining behind every dark color unless we can take everything in its proper perspective.
4. Conclusion. Men of great genius have also been men with a sense of humor.

Leisure – Its Uses and Abuses Essay with Outlines

“If you weep, you weep alone; if you laugh, the world laughs with you,” is a very good maxim. But one ought to be gifted with a sense of another laugh. Humor means the ability to laugh and make others laugh. It is one of the greatest blessings of God to mankind. A humorous temperament is a great merit of a man’s character. It helps him to overcome depression or irritation not only of his own but also of his numerous friends and colleagues. Humor plays an important role in our day-to-day relationship with our friends and relatives. Hearty laughter contributes greatly to the health and happiness of mankind.
A person with a humorous and jovial nature is welcome to all. He meets everybody with sunshine and gaiety. Such a person has a large vision of life. He has the capacity to laugh away his worries. In the present evil, he sees the future good. A man with cheerful and jovial temperament is capable of discerning moral sunshine gleaming through the darkest clouds. Usually, he is also a man of practical wisdom. And who can deny the usefulness of humor in our practical life? A businessman with a good sense of humor keeps his customers happy and is able to do better business than his counterpart with a sullen face. If in an office, the boss is gifted with a sense of humor, he maintains a cheerful atmosphere, and the efficiency of work is considerably enhanced, and if a subordinate has a sense of humor, he can save himself from the fury of his boss. In a nutshell, a good sense of humor can get us out of numerous difficulties.

Though a sense of humor is very much a matter of inborn temperament, it can also be cultivated like any other habit. It all depends upon us whether we extract joy or sorrow from a particular situation. There are always two sides to life which we can look at. We can develop the attitude of looking at the bright side of things instead of the dark one. A careful and continuous practice is required to develop this habit. By nature, we should be able to see the silver lining and point out its beauty to other people while we see the dark cloud in the sky. It is rightly stated: “Two men saw behind the bars: one saw the cloud, the other the stars’. All this means that a sense of humor, of a cheerful temperament, generates a healthy and optimistic outlook upon life. While worry and discontent weaken our hearts and mind, a humorous and cheerful nature provides us with moral strength and harmony.

Humor has rightly been called the bright weather of the heart. People with a strong sense of humor can develop in themselves the great virtue of endurance, they cannot be easily provoked and can easily avoid indulging in undue resentment and self-tormenting care. Such people seldom fall sick. Solomon has rightly said that “a merry heart doeth good like a medicine. It has been seen that men of great genius have also been men with a great sense of humor. They have relished every moment of their life. Abraham Lincoln, Winston Churchill, and the Quaid-e-Azam, among the greatest men of recent times, were gifted with great wit and humor. They had the ability to even laugh at themselves. This quality was a secret of their success to a very great extent.

Most of the great literary writers like Shakespeare, Shaw, Dickens, Fielding, and Lamb have been men of wit and humor. One can easily and readily trace a sense of humor from their great creations. Their sense of humor served an important purpose. It helped them to expose the social and political evils and malpractices.

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