Hobbies Essay with Outlines and Quotations

Hobbies Essay Outlines:

  1. Introduction: A hobby is a pursuit followed for pleasure. Since most of the people do not get the jobs of their liking it is very important to pursue hobbies.
  2. Kinds of hobbies: Any pursuit capable of giving one pleasure can become a hobby. Stamp collecting, autograph collecting, photography, music, rambling in the countryside are some of the popular hobbies.
  3. Basic Principles for the selection of hobbies: (a) A hobby should not become a passion. (b) It should be within one’s means. (c) It should not be an absurd, idle pursuit. (d) It should not be allowed to distract a person from discharging his personal obligations.
  4. Conclusion: Hobbies are not as popular in Pakistan as in the West.

Hobbies Essay with Outlines and Quotations

A hobby is a pursuit followed for pleasure, not for profit. With the problem of unemployment so aggravated, it is often difficult to find a job to one’s liking. In such a case, one can satisfy one’s natural craving in a side pursuit. But even if one finds one’s job absorbing and fruitful. The necessity of a hobby is not eliminated. Variety is said to be the spice of life.

A hobby provides one with a welcome change. When one is back home after a strenuous day with an exhausted and jaded mind, one’s mind is enlivened by a hobby. It is an occupation in which one is one’s own master, no terms are dictated; no restrictions are imposed. If one succeeds, it is so pleasant and heartening; if one does not, it hardly matters.

There is no end to the kinds of hobbies. Stamp collecting seems to be one of the most popular and universally practiced hobbies. Students derive great pleasure from it. Autograph collecting is another favorite. It provides opportunities to meet great people. It also helps people to cast off their shyness and approach great men. However, once when I approached a great dramatist to get this autograph, he wrote in my autograph book – getting autographs is a sign of adolescence. I felt so flushed, I have never again asked anyone for his autograph. Fishing is yet another on popular hobby. Nevertheless, it is a hobby essentially of the reflective or imaginative mind. One can sit for hours near a tank or a rivulet, with rod or line in hand, lost in the paradise of one’s own creation. Rambling in the countryside is a very refreshing pursuit. It helps to restore man’s ties with nature, which stand almost snapped. Besides, it can prove highly educational. Someone with well-developed creative faculties can make decorative pieces with the odd knick-knack available in the house. One of my friends has made the Minar-a-Pakistan purely from empty penicillin vials. Another one makes beautiful decorative wall plates with empty cigarette packets. Then there are gardening, horse-riding, reading favorite authors, photography, painting, music coin or insect collecting, hitch-hiking and so on. In fact, hobbies can be multiplied and infinitum.

Some of the hobbies can be quite ridiculous too. One of my friends has the hobby of collecting discarded tins and bus cartons, and empty bottles. Another one is interested in collecting the small confectionery wrappings. Still another one’s hobby is to collect a variety of cigars. Great men too have hobbies. They derive considerable personal pleasure from their pursuits but their hobbies are motivated by some other consideration too. A politician may turn to a science laboratory or a priest may take to dramatics purely for relaxation and still produce remarkable results.

A few basic principles ought to be observed in the selection of hobbies. A hobby should of course be an absorbing source of pleasure. But it should be pursued as a hobby only. It should not be allowed to become a passion or an obsession. Nor should it be allowed to interfere in one’s professional life. Secondly, it should be within one’s means. It should not be expensive that it starts draining one’s financial resources. Photography and record – collecting have become luxuries. If one can afford them. They are highly satisfying. But there can be equally satisfying inexpensive hobbies to-reading, writing or painting, for example. Painting or writing can even be made a source of income. Thirdly, hobbies should not be absurd, idle pursuits. They should serve some useful purpose. There is palmistry, a fascinating and educational study. There is gardening to provide physical exercise as well as fresh vegetables and colourful flowers. Finally, hobbies are purely personal affairs. They should not be allowed to distract one from one’s domestic and social obligations.

Hobbies are very popular in the west. It is a common saying that Every Englishman rides a hobbyhorse. But Pakistanis do not fully realise the importance and advantage of such a pursuit. Our most popular hobby seems to be gossiping. Ladies, in particular, hold coffee-cum-mud flinging sessions in the afternoon. How light and relaxed they feel after a two-hour long character dissection of their neighbours. One who is strained in his professional life feels the need of relaxation. Since many of us do not take their jobs seriously, they are mostly in a state of idle relaxation.

Hence, they need no hobbies.
(Ramble – to walk for pleasure; Distract – to draw in a different direction; Aggravate – to make worse; Strenuous- causing Exertion; Jaded, -dull; Enliven – to brighten up, to refresh; Flush – to become red in the face; knick-knack -small ornamental articles; Unassuming – modest;
Obsession – a fixed idea; Mud-slinging – heaping abuse at.

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