Environment Pollution Essay With Outlines and Quotations

Environment Pollution Essay Outlines:
1. The importance of the environment. The environment of the earth is a great blessing for mankind. There are various activities in the environment.
2. Various technological processes initiated by man disturb the ecological balance. It is a pity that it has never occurred to the man that what he considers great technological break-through are serious threats to his environment.
3. Enormous damage was done in the recent past. Much damage had not been done till the end of the last century. The rapid pace of technological development in the twentieth century has, however, caused enormous damage.
4. Various causes of environmental pollution. The smoke emitted from factories, insecticides, synthetic detergents, inorganic nitrogen fertilizers contaminates the air and water that we use. The dumping of human refuse into rivers also contaminates the water used by us. The destruction of forests, erosion of soil, loss of wildlife, etc. are other factors responsible for environmental pollution. Pollution due to nuclear testing. Noise pollution.
5. How to check environmental pollution. (i) There should be stringent laws to tackle the problem. (ii) Suitable public opinion should be built up. (iii)Scientific knowledge should be used to keep the environment pure.

Environment Pollution Essay With Outlines and Quotations

Earth is the only planet endowed with an environment. The thin cover of air and water that surrounds the earth, known as the biosphere, protects and sustains life. The biosphere is a finely balanced mixture of oxygen, nitrogen, carbon dioxide, argon, and water vapors. It has been maintained and established by the life cycle of plants, animals, and bacteria. Without the biological processes that have gone on the soil for thousands of years, we could have coal, oil, or food crops. Without the photosynthetic activity of green plants, there would be no oxygen to support human or animal life. Similarly, for the supply of pure water, we have to be thankful for the myriads of microorganisms in aquatic systems as also as the action of plants and animals.

Man has always made use of his inventive genius to force nature to yield its secrets. He has made a spectacular breakthrough in technology, firmly believing that the sort of progress he is making is an unmixed blessing. He has seldom given thought to the fact that the air he breathes, the water he drinks, or the food he eats could be exhausted. And so would be the rich raw materials which he makes the earth yield. He has always assumed the bounties of nature to be inexhaustible. There is a little realization on his part that what he considers progress is seriously disturbing the ecological balance and leading to the breakdown of the life-supporting system on the earth.

Nature has been suffering for the past several hundred years but the problem did not assume serious proportion so long as the damage was containable and not beyond self-repair. These limits were exceeded with the spectacular technological breakthrough accomplished during recent years. The highly developed nations which benefited most from these breakthroughs were the first to experience the environmental diseases bred by advanced technology.

In Pakistan, the problem of environmental pollution is related to an increase in industrial activity which has brought along the air, water, and noise pollution. It would be worthwhile to discuss the causes of such pollution and to try and eliminate those which are well within our reach. One of the chief air pollutants is smoke which arises from our factories and is harmful to our lungs. The increase in respiratory diseases may be attributed to the rising air pollution. Efforts should be made to confine the factories and chemical laboratories to the outskirts of the cities. The unfortunate incident of gas leakage at Quetta which claimed so many lives and left so many people permanently handicapped was an extreme effect of air pollution. The ever-rising number of heavy vehicles is adding to air pollution by constantly emitting foul smoke.

Water that we just cannot do without is not free from pollution either. Human waste, animal bathing, industrial waste etc. make water unfit for drinking. It is not surprising to find diseases like cholera frequently spreading in the form of epidemics. Even major rivers like the Ravi have become extremely polluted, because of which it has become essential to clean its waters at a very great expense.

A new kind of pollution that is acquiring serious dimensions is noise pollution. Loud horns from an excessively large number of vehicles on roads, loud-speakers, amplifiers, music systems, etc. disturb the peace of the already, tense modern man. Very loud sounds have impaired hearing in a large number of people and caused nervous problems in several others. It is quite possible to check this pollution by the use of silencers in vehicles, by playing soft music, and by prohibiting the use of loudspeakers, etc.

Nuclear tests during recent years have played havoc with our environment. The fall-out from these tests has increased the incidence of cancer and congenital diseases. Radiation from nuclear plants is also very dangerous for human health. The recently concluded Gulf War during which several oil wells caught fire and not only emitted dense smoke but also disturbed the temperature pattern of the region has caused great damage to our environment. In recent years, there has been an increasing realization of the gravity of the problem. The UN itself has been taking steps to focus attention on this hazard. In fact, the degradation of the environment is not merely the question of pollution but embraces the whole concept of the quality of human life. The destruction of forests, the 19 erosion of the soil, the neglect of lands, the loss of wildlife, the accumulation of wastes, the plight of urban areas are
some of the examples of the degradation of the environment.

So are disease, dirt, hunger, malnutrition, and other companions of poverty. All these grossly affect Nature’s balance which is so vital to healthy human and animal life. To meet the situation in an effective manner, the anti-pollution laws have to be made stringent. Laws have to be passed banning the use of certain types of fuels and inefficient equipment. Enlightened public opinion can play a very useful role. More scientists and technical experts should be employed to keep the atmosphere and the water supplies clean and healthy. Organic wastes should be properly treated and processed. Soil nutrients can be produced from.

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