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English Prepositions Online Quiz 3 Mcqs Questions Answers Test

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Test Name:English Prepositions Test 3
Subject:English General
Test Type:Mcqs
Total Question:20
Total Marks:40
Total Time:20 Minutes

Given below on this page is a free online quiz about the English prepositions. All the individuals who are going to appear in any kind of written exam or interview should have a strong grip on the subject of English as questions related to it are often part of tests like ISSB, IELTS and NTS etc. So to help our visitors in this case, we have provided a free online test here which can be used as a guide for quick and easy online preparation.

English Prepositions Online Quiz 3 Mcqs Questions Answers Test


1. There is an exception _____ every rule.

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2. The water supply at last gave ________

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3. She has not applied __________ this post.

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4. Anwar can always count __________ my help.

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5. Compare Allama Iqbal _________ Roomi

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6. He was appointed _______ the post of section officer.

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7. The teacher should not be partial ________ any student.

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8. He was excluded ______ the team.

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9. The old man brought ________ a reconciliation between the two brothers.

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10. Yesterday a truck collided _________ a bus.

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11. All the Students have committed this lesson ___________ memory.

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12. The culprit has been charged _________ murder.

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13. My mother-in-law is blind ________ one eye.

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14. He has copied this letter word _______ word.

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15. The servant always complies _________ the wishes of his master.

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16. The train has arrived ________ the station.

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17. He is in the habit of reasoning ____________ everybody on trifles.

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18. The students protested __________ the ill-treatment of their leader.

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19. He is fully prepared ________ the examination.

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20. He is very grateful ________ me

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  1. Correct answer is “word for word” or “word by word” depending upon the context.

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