NAT Test Sample Model Papers Online Test For Preparation and Pattern

Nation Testing Service which is known as NTS is responsible for conducting different types of assessment test from the students for the purpose of admissions in the universities. NTS test is a mandatory test for all those students who wish to apply for admissions in universities in Pakistan because in our country most of the universities consider NTS NAT test.

NTS tests and assessment are now pre-requisite of many prime public and private sector engineering, medical and other colleges, universities and institutions for admission and recruitment. You should know that now universities require NAT test from the students and on the basis of result score of the test they decide the eligibility or ineligibility of candidate for admission in the respective university. NAT test is valid for whole one year.

NAT Test Sample Model Papers Online Test For Preparation and Pattern
NAT Test Sample Model Papers Online Test For Preparation and Pattern

NTS NAT Test Pattern, Model Papers

NTS NAT Test Pattern, Model Papers

NTS NAT Physics Verbal Test Physics Waves

NTS NAT Physics Verbal Test Oscillations

NTS NAT Verbal Test Physics Fluid Mechanics

NTS NAT Verbal Test Biology Variety of Life

NTS NAT Verbal Test Biology The Cell

NTS NAT Verbal Test Chemistry Atomic Structure

NTS NAT Verbal Test Chemistry Liquids & Solids

NTS NAT Verbal Analytical Test

NTS NAT Verbal Quantitative Test

NTS NAT Verbal Synonyms Test

NTS NAT Verbal Antonyms Test

NTS NAT Verbal Analogies Test

NTS NAT Verbal Analogies Test

NTS NAT Verbal Sentence Completion Test

NTS NAT Verbal Reasoning Test

There are different types of questions included in NAT test. The NTS test is totally MCQs based. There are 90 MCQs in NAT-I paper and time duration of NAT-I paper is 2 hours (120 minutes). There are 100 MCQs in NAT-II paper and time duration of NAT-II is 2 hours (120 minutes).

The test is to be answered on computer readable answer sheet (OMR Sheet) by shading the circle for correct option for each MCQ. There is no NEGATIVE MARKING in test.

NTA NAT Paper Patter or The type of the questions on the NAT:

     VERBAL ABILITY Antonyms, Analogies, Sentence Completions, and Critical Reasoning MCQs are intermingled.
Antonyms You select a word that is most nearly opposite in meaning.
Analogies You select a word a pair of words that best expresses a relationship that is similar to that of an original pair of words.
Sentence Completions A word or words are omitted from a sentence. You select the word or words that are when inserted, best fit the whole sentence to give the true meaning.
Critical Reading You answer questions about reading passages from a variety of subjects.
QUANTITATIVE ABILITY Quantitative comparisons and Math Ability MCQs are intermingled.
Problem Solving You solve multiple-choice general math and word problems.
Quantitative Comparisons You compare the quantities given in two columns and identify the larger quantity.
ANALYTICAL ABILITY Analytical Reasoning and Logical Reasoning MCQs are intermingled. Scenario Based and statement based questions.
Analytical Reasoning You need to draw reasoned conclusions and relationships based on different sets of statements.
Logical Reasoning You derive Logical Conclusions and relationships from a variety of situations and passages.

 Types of NAT Test:

There are basically two main types of NAT Test. NAT-1 for those having completed 12 year of education in any discipline and NAT-2 for those having completed 14 year of education in any discipline. This test is divided into four parts, first three parts are same but forth part is different for each type of NAT.

  • NAT-IE (Pre-engineering/Computer Science Group)
  • NAT-IM (Pre-Medical Group)
  • NAT-IA (Arts Group)
  • NAT-ICS (Computer Science Group)
  • NAT-IGS (General Science Group)
  • NAT-ICOM (Commerce Group)
  • NAT-II A (Arts & Social Sciences Group)
  • NAT-II B (Biological Sciences Group)
  • NAT-II M (Management Sciences Group)
  • NAT-II P (Physical Sciences Group)
  • NAT-II O (Oriental & Islamic Studies Group)

NAT Test Sample Model papers and online test preparation:

Here at we provide you Sample models papers of all the NAT tests. These model papers are according to the latest pattern of NTS. Once you will go through the sample papers you can have better idea about the type of questions asked in NAT test.

You will not only be provided the sample papers but there are free MCQs for NTS test preparation. You can do complete NAT preparation by solving our NAT tests online. Whether you want to apply for admission or any job these online tests are helpful for you. You can check your preparation by attempting this online test.

In this way you get better idea to solve different types of questions in limited time available. Daily spending sometime on will ensure your complete preparation of NAT test. You will be provided to the point information about NTS test.

So get ready and login at and start your preparation now. You can achieve brilliant results once you join for better preparation it is recommended that you should attempt the online test more than once so that you know your mistakes well.

Here we will provide all the NTS online test including NAT-IE (Pre-engineering/ Computer Science Group), NAT-IM (Pre-Medical Group), NAT-IA (Arts Group), NAT-ICS (Computer Science Group), NAT-IGS (General Science Group), NAT-ICOM (Commerce Group), NAT-II A (Arts & Social Sciences Group), NAT-II B (Biological Sciences Group), NAT-II M (Management Sciences Group), NAT-II P (Physical Sciences Group), NAT-II O (Oriental & Islamic Studies Group).

You can improve your verbal, quantitative and analytical skills by solving these online tests. Click on start button to start the online test now.

You Can Learn and Gain more Knowledge through our Online Quiz and Testing system Just Search your desired Preparation subject at Gotest.


  1. hey ppl i m a pharm D student and i m in my second professional .i want to apply for the scholarship they are offering by this test but i really didnt understand about the procedure ,the test type etc etc .anyone up to guide me?

  2. hey ppl i want to apply for this test i m in pharm D second professional. i heard they offer scholarship n i want it but what`s the procedure anyone plz guide me

  3. Plz can someone tell me that can I give this test every month (NAT IE) I want Admission at IST Islamabad

  4. helloo..I want my sister to give this test….she is in class 8…what is the procedure for her free education ahead..

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