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Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2022 Apply Online Last Date

Chief Minister of Punjab Sardar Usman Buzdar has announced Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2022 for the citizens of Punjab province. Under the Punjab Employment Scheme, the Punjab Government will provide loans on easy terms through commercial banks to new and existing businesses, development of small, medium and cottage industries and business people affected by Corona epidemic. The scheme will contribute to development by supporting trade, services, production, agriculture and livestock and other related sectors. The eco-friendly loan scheme will provide loans to small and medium enterprises seeking to introduce new eco-friendly technologies that improve environmental quality as well as energy efficiency.


In the Punjab Rozgar Scheme, the scheme will grant the possibility of a loan amount of 1 Lakh with a maximum of 1 Crore open to individuals (subject to the terms and terms) Punjab Rozgaar Loan Scheme was introduced in Punjab to provide Punjab Loan to start an entrepreneurial enterprise within Punjab. Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2022 is run through Punjab Small Industries Corporation. Punjab Small Industries Corporation.

The loan process has started, and people have started to fill out applications for loans. But anyone else who isn’t eligible, according to the guidelines of Pakistan, women aged 20-50 years old will only be eligible for loans.


You’ll be enrolled for the Punjab Rozgar online application Scheme 2022. All the information on applying for the Punjab Rozgar scheme 2022 is listed below. Follow these steps, and you’ll be able complete your application online.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme Last Date To Apply

Please follow rozgar.psic.punjab.gov.pk to apply for the new Punjab Rozgar Scheme. New applicants will need to create an account to sign up. Then, you’ll be able to fill out the Rozgar Scheme for Punjab online application form. The administration of Punjab will not be able to decide to shut down the online application for the Rozgar Scheme yet. The finance department of Punjab is approving a massive budget for the Punjab green development plan 2022.

Apply Online

How To Apply Online Punjab Rozgar Scheme

Visit the Online Link rozgar.psic.punjab.gov and Register yourself by providing the following information to apply Punjab Rozgar scheme 2022 as

  • Full Name
  • Email Address
  • I-D Card Number
  • Phone Number
  • Password (you need to set)

You’ll be registered to apply online for Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2022. Enter your email address and password to log in. Follow the instructions carefully before making the form online. Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2022. The online application form will be available and extremely easy to fill in. The form will include certain questions about the country. Answer all fields on the online application form. Punjab Rozgar Scheme.

Punjab Rozgar Login

It is the biggest job programme in Punjabi history—more than 30 billion in loans. Thirty billion worth of loans with easy terms are available for loans that exceed 30 billion rupees. 30 billion. More than 1.6 million individuals will be able to find employment. By utilizing the program for employment, millions of youngsters will be financially secure. This program, known as the Punjab Employment Scheme, will allow qualified youth to employ other people.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme Status Check

The 30 billion dollar amount will be available very simply, and the scheme will be a huge help in the growth of medium and small-sized enterprises as well as the reconstruction of companies that have been affected by Corona. If they reveal their last day’s date, they’ll be in a position to include the date in this article.

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2022 Apply Online Last Date

Punjab Rozgar Scheme 2022 Application form Online Filling Guides and Steps

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for processing loan applications under Punjab Employment Scheme are as follows:

  • Age: 20 to 50 years
  • Gender: Male, Female, and Transgender
  • A Residence: Citizen of Pakistan and permanent or temporary resident of Punjab, and will be verified through National Identity Card
  • Place of business: Punjab
  • Type of business: Personal business, partner or any other business that meets other eligibility criteria
  • Correction of e-CIB report by State Bank of Pakistan
  • For startups / new businesses: The most suitable business plan
  • For existing business: The most appropriate business plan to mitigate the effects of the Corona Outbreak
  • Hold a valid National Identity Card
  • Any other criteria set by the Punjab Small Industries Corporation (PSIC) / Government

People Suitable for Loans:

  • University / College graduates with business skills
  • Diploma / Certificate Holders of Technical / Vocational Training Institutes
  • Craftsmen and skilled people
  • Current business (however, existing businesses affected by the Corona-19 epidemic will be preferred)
  • Micro and other businesses that can introduce efficient and transparent production technologies or any green / eco-friendly measures that can improve environmental performance or the environment.

Chargers Schedule:

The following is the payment schedule for the applicant / borrower:

  • Application processing fee of Rs. 2000 (non-refundable) must be submitted with the application
  • Valuation / Legal / Documentation Charges Including Excise Ticket, Government Tax / etc.
  • Insurance (if applicable) must be paid
  • There will be no charges for partial or early repayment of the loan
  • In case of payment after the due date of the installment, a penalty of Rs. 1 per 1000 per day will be levied on the original amount.

Features with Terms and Conditions:

Features Terms & Conditions
Limit of the Loan One lakh to one crore rupees

Based on personal guarantee: Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 1,000,000

Based on mortgaged assets: Rs. 1,000,001 to Rs. 10,000,000

Under Punjab Green Development Program, the credit limit will be above. However, for this, priority will be given to applications from Small organizations that are ready to adopt environmentally friendly technologies and have a maximum number of 10 employees.

The purpose of the loan Starting a new business

Balancing, innovating and improving existing business

Small, Medium and Domestic Industries (MSMEs) sector Production, services, trade, agriculture and livestock

Under the Punjab Green Development Program, businesses with up to 10 employees or other small businesses can adopt environmentally friendly technologies as well as improve the efficiency of energy sources.

Processing fee Rs.2000 (non-refundable) will have to be paid at the time of submission of application.
Loan term / repayment period 02 to 05 years including grace period
Grace period Up to 06 months (However markup will have to be paid even during the grace period.)
Type of loan Loan term as per bank policy and revolving capital
Mark up The cost of the fund to be paid to the borrower

4% of personal mortgage loan (4%)

5% (5%) of loans taken under mortgage assets

Loan rate 80:20 (for men) 20% of the total cost of the accumulated business plan will have to be borne by the borrower and 80% will be provided by the government.

90:10 (for women, eunuchs and special people). The borrower will have to bear 10% of the total cost of the submitted business plan and 90% will be provided by the government.

Debt distribution In installments according to the approved business plan
Debt security 1. Security for a clean landing

i. For loan range from Rs. 100,000 to Rs. 500,000

Personal guarantee with details of assets

ii. For loan range from Rs.500,001 to Rs.1,000,000

Personal guarantee with guarantee of a person whose total assets are worth at least equal to the loan requested

(The guarantor must be a citizen of Pakistan, hold an identity card and be a resident of the province of Punjab, be under 55 years of age, have an e-CIB)


Grade 10 or higher government employee guarantee with lender’s personal guarantee.

(Government employee guarantee will be verified by the relevant government department)

How to estimate a lender’s assets:

Movable assets can be estimated as follows:

i. Estimate property according to relevant DC rates


ii. The debtor’s property can also be estimated from a wealth tax statement


iii. According to the evaluators of Pakistan Banks Association


iv. The cost of vehicles will be estimated according to the purchase price (10% reduction with each passing year)

2. Security for secure landing

Loan range from Rs. 1,000,001 to Rs. 10,000,000

Mortgage of assets

Asset Description

Residential / commercial / industrial / agricultural land or vehicle that is not already mortgaged and does not involve any legal complication and is easily accessible to the bank

i. The bank will charge its approved agents as per its policy

ii. The property is in the name of the creditor / individual / partner in his own name or in the name of a blood relationship

iii. The documents are in accordance with the bank credit policy and the relevant bank rules

You must have scanned copies of the following documents / visible images before starting your application

  • Picture with full face
  • The front of the ID card
  • The back of the ID card
  • Latest Academic Degree / Head Certificate (if and where applicable): Matric, Intermediate, Bachelors, Masters, PhD etc. (if applicable)
  • Experience head certificate (if applicable)
  • License / Registration with Chamber or Commercial Entity (if applicable)

You must have the following information before starting your application:

  • If you do not have a National Tax Number (not required), please register by clicking on the link provided. https://iris.fbr.gov.pk/
  • Electricity bill user identification number at your current address
  • Electric bill user identification number at your current office address (if applicable)
  • Registration number of any vehicle registered in your name (if applicable)
  • In the case of a new business, an estimate of monthly business income, business expenses, household expenses and other income must be provided.
  • Actual details of monthly business income, business expenses, household expenses and other income in case of current business
  • In addition to blood relatives, the names of two references, mobile numbers and their ID card numbers

Punjab Rozgar Scheme Contact Numbers

Address: Ground Floor, Alfalah Bui

lding, The Mall, Lahore. Pakistan.

Contact: 042- 99200439

Email: info@psic.gop.pk

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