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Top 10 Career in Pakistan for Students to Choose

We are talking about top ten career in Pakistan for students to choose and earn highest amount right after completion your study and with in study duration. All proper fields included in this post if you know any better then must mentioned below.

Choice of a career is the turning point in the life of any person. In this modern world new career choices are emerging according to the need of time. People are choosing new professions but still some professions remain on the top list. Therefore students should choose our future career very carefully. Here is the list of top careers in Pakistan to choose for students.

Top 10 Career in Pakistan for Students to ChooseTop 10 Career in Pakistan for Students to Choose

  • Career in Business Administration:

The most sought after course Master in Business Administration is one of the highest paying career options in present situation. MBAs can get a variety of Jobs with satisfactory salary. Business administration person can earn specialization in Banking, Finance, Accounting and human resource management. There are many choices of jobs for a person having master degree in business administration; he can be a Bank Manager, Project Manager, Audit Officer, Chief Executive Officer, Marketing and Sales Manager, Financial Planner, Accountant, Marketing Specialist, Purchasing manager, Human resource manager, and many other jobs.

  • Freelancing Field:

Free lancing field included every part of online earning like web development, YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, fiverr, upwork, freelancing work, linked-in, and other online projects is best source to start your professional career from any office or from home, many boys start these works from hostel life. Online field is professional we give suggestion must learn before start.

  • Career in Medical Field:

Students should choose career in medical field because a career in medical field is considered as one of the most respectable and top career. There are various specializations in this field. Different jobs related to medical field are as doctor, Physician, Dentists which is in high demand, occupational physiotherapists, surgeons, anesthesia specialists, audiologists, radiologists, and other healthcare jobs. You can earn a handsome amount of salary because healthcare profession is growing well in Pakistan and much more experienced people are required in this profession to give health facilities to the people.

  • Career in Textile Designing and Fashion Designing:

There’s an amazing range of career options in the Fashion and Textiles sector because these two fields have made too much progressed over the last years and you can make excellent career in this field. Although this field looks a little bit expensive but after getting particular education in this field you can get jobs in different companies as well start your own personal business because this field is in high demand these days.

  • Career as Mechanical, Electronics, Chemical Engineer, Software Engineer:

The profession of engineering one of the best and renowned professions from the beginning and it is still in high demand as in the past years. Engineering is a good career option. Engineering is a vast field and one can create his/her career in this sector. This sector requires lots of hard work and innovation. To excel in this field one thing is most important and that is dedication towards work and abilities to create something new.

In this field a person can earn good amount of money. In this sector salary depends upon your experience and hands-on experience of the field or knowledge of the field. Pakistan’s information technology field has seen big growth over the last decade. This is one of the most promising and rewarding career options. In this career professionals can earn a lot in this industry.

  • Career as Chartered Accountant:

Experienced and freshly qualified accountants who have interest in research, technical matters, quality control and academics will have challenging opportunities and worldwide exposure. If a career in management does not attracts you much then you can look forward to a career in Chartered accountant. If you have good knowledge of your field you can earn a handsome salary.

  • Career in Airlines Industry:

There are many good job options in the field of airline industry. It is one of the top careers because of some new airlines in our country. Earlier it was just government airlines which were leading this industry, but now the situation is quite different. Lots of new airlines have come into the market. Due to this change, this industry is experiencing noticeable growth. The new airlines are hiring more and more new pilots and support personnel to deal the increasing demand. The salary of all the airline staff is quite appealing.

  • Career in Computer Sciences:

In this age of technology computer science field is progressing very well. You can earn good salary if you possess computer science degree from a recognized university of Pakistan. There are many job options for you in this field you can get jobs like Application Analyst, Computational Scientists, Computer repair technician, Computer system analyst, Graphic designer, Computer programmer, Software designer, software developer, Web developer, web master, Data base administrator and many more jobs like these.

  • Career as Lecturer:

You must be thinking that why it is one of the top listed professions but in real you can make excellent career in the field of education due to establishment of new institutions day by day. And a good tutor is always in high demand. In this field you can do different jobs like professors, associate professors, laboratory assistant, and head of department if you have higher qualifications. Lecturer of science subjects are in high demand like Professor of Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, English and many other fields. You can get 17 scale jobs with an attractive salary but with good teaching skills.

  • Career in Pakistan Defence Forces:

There are great job opportunities in Pakistan Air force, Pakistan Navy and Pakistan Army. You can do different jobs in these air forces in various departments. There are different kinds of jobs like cadet, army officer, captain, army soldier, officer commission, logistic offer and many other jobs.

  • Career in Electronic Media Mass Communication Journalism:

With the emerging media communication there are different kinds of jobs present in the electronic media. You can work as journalist in which you can do research programs for television, radio and the internet news service. You can specialize in particular type of fields such as political or sports reporting etc. You can join this field by possessing excellent communication abilities; you can get different jobs like director, Producer, screen writer, editor, journalists, anchor and many other jobs.

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