The Smart School System Admission Test Procedure with Fee Structure

The smart School system is established under the aegis of The City School. The smart school provides an ideal learning environment for every child and ensures that they are not left behind others. The smart School provides premium education from kindergarten right up to matriculation in an organized way.

Our Schools are well organized schools that respect the dignity of every child, teachers and the entire community. There is qualified and experienced staff for students to improve their basis learning.

In smart school there are extracurricular activities like art and craft, physical education and games, inter-school and regional competitions, educational trips, newsletters and magazines, clubs and societies all come together for an enriched student life. Here I would like to tell you the Smart School System Admission Test Procedure with Fee Structure.

Admission Procedure at Smart School System:

All the parents who wish to admit their child in smart school should have to register for admission test by the prescribed Admission Form at the school office and receiving an appointment card for the test and interview.

The Smart School System Admission Test Procedure with Fee Structure
The Smart School System Admission Test Procedure with Fee Structure

Test and Interview:

In test and interview the reading ability of the child, vocabulary and recognition of words, concepts of colors and numbers is assessed. The confidence and developmental skills of child is also taken into consideration.

At the Junior I and Junior II levels, a written test in English, Urdu and Mathematics are prerequisites. In addition to the test, formal interview is also conducted from both the parents. Then merit of the students is finalized.

Once the name of student is selected for admission then letters are send to the parents on the given address.  At the time of admission, a non-refundable admission fee, a refundable security deposit, and two months’ tuition fee are payable.

The Smart School Fee Structure:

In Smart School system there is almost same fee structure with minute difference in each School branch. Here I provide the average fee structure of all the smart schools then you will get to know about the campus and branch details address of smart schools below.

Admission fee = Rs.2500 – Rs. 3000/-

Security (Refundable) = Rs. 2500

Annual charges = Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300/-

Tuition Fee (Per Month) = Rs. 1800 – Rs. 2300/-

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  1. The Management of Smart School, Saleem Center Br. North Karachi has again 2nd time increase monthly fees amounting Rs.200/= on the name of Lab Fees during the current session / class. 1st time increase the fees amounting Rs.300/= (Aprox. 10%) at the time of starting of new session /class. Furthermore not returned the June & July-2018 fees of student to till date while court has already decided for returned the said fees.

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