List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise Details

The list of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code of all Karachi can check here. Zip Code or Postal code of all the regions like town city even street is written on this page. A postal code is given to assign or manage this area’s post or “Daak of this area.

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code A group of five or nine numbers that are added to a postal address to assist the sorting of mail. Look up ZIP Codes by street address, city, and state. Or you can find ZIP Codes within a city and state.

The ZIP Code is the code that use for the location name in a country so Zone Improvement Plan, is properly written in capital letters and was chosen to suggest that the mail travels more efficiently, and therefore more quickly (zipping along), when senders use the code in the postal address.

The basic format consists of five decimal numerical digits. An extended ZIP+4 code, introduced in the 1980s, includes the five digits of the ZIP code, a hyphen, and four more digits that determine a more specific location within a given ZIP code.

The term ZIP code was originally registered as a service mark (a type of trademark) by the U.S. Postal Service, but its registration has since expired. But here we will talk about the Karachi Pakistan’s Postal codes (Zip Code) and we are providing you the area wise zip codes for the Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan.

Karachi Postal code Area Zip codes for Karachi Postoffice

In Pakistan PostCode Pakistan PostCode is a five numbers code usually placed in the address that will allow automatic sorting of mail for the specific Post Office or Address. Postcode is also known as zip codes.

List of Karachi Postal Code (updated)

Below is a listing of a few of the postcodes in Karachi. GPO is the acronym as the General Post Office, the primary post office of the city. For the larger cities (Karachi as well as Lahore) it is possible to find many GPOs, but the most important of them is the one with just the name of the city the name (Karachi GPO and Lahore GPO).

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise Details

Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan ZIP Code (Postal)
Postal Code Area Name
72500 karachi Airport
75760 Baldia Town
75150 Board of Secondary Education
75530 Karachi Cantt
 7100 City GPO
75600 Clifton
75250 COD
75180 Darul-uloom
75500 Defence Society
75150 Export Processing Zone
75950 Federal B Area
75300 Gulshan-e-Iqbal
75650 Habib Bank
75520 Hotel Metropole
75510 Jinnah Post Graduate Medical Center
74200 Karachi GPO
75270 Karachi University
75620 Keemari
75190 Korangi Creek
74900 Korangi GPO
75160 Landhi Colony
75900 Liaqatabad
75660 Liyari
75070 Malir Cantt
75050 Malir City
75890 Manghopir
75640 Manora
75780 MariPur-CE
75750 Maripur-FA
75460 Mehmoodabad
75100 Model Colony
75040 Murad Memon Goth
75260 National Cement Industry- DALMIA
74700 Nazimabad GPO
75850 New Karachi
74800 New Town GPO
74600 North Nazimabad GPO
75800 Orange Town
75280 PCSIR
75100 PECHS
75760 Pakistan Machine Tool Factory
75790 Pakistan Naval Armament Depot
75800 Pakistan Steel Mills
75200 Pakistan Steel Mills Town Ship
75020 Port Muhammad Bin Qasim
75120 Quaidabad
75210 Rafa-e-Aam Society
75700 SITE
74100 Saddar GPO
75230 Shah Faisal Colony
75350 Shahra-e-Faisal
75730 Sher Shah Colony
75580 Sindh Governor House
74550 Nishter Road

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code

     1.Nearest Area Name By Postal Codes

The standard format comprises five decimal numbers. A ZIP+4 extended code first developed in the 1980s contains the five digits of the ZIP code. It also includes a dash and four additional digits to define a more precise location within a ZIP code.

The phrase ZIP code was initially registered as a service mark (a kind of mark) from the U.S. Postal Service, but its registration has expired. We will now talk regarding Karachi Pakistan Postal codes (Zip Code). Karachi Pakistan Postal codes (Zip Code), and we will provide you with the zip codes for Karachi, Sindh, and Pakistan areas.

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise Details

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code Colony Wise Details

2.Karachi ZIP code (South North and South Karachi) North Karachi)

Postal codes are used to identify the address of the post. Postcode is assigned to manage or manage the post A collection of numbers, usually five or nine, that are added to the postal address to aid in processing mail. Find Karachi postal code using a street address, town, and state. You can also find ZIP Codes in a city or a state.

The ZIP Code is used to identify the location’s name in a particular country. The Zone Improvement Plan is correctly written in capital letters. It was selected to suggest that mail moves more efficiently and, consequently, faster (zipping through) when the sender uses the code within the mail address (Source: 01).

List of Karachi Postal Code Area Code Zip Code


Does Karachi have a ZIP Code?

For more information about Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023) Postcode Check Below. Detail Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023) POSTAL / ZIP CODE INFORMATION Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023) Postcode Type Delivery Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023) Post office Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023) Postal Code 75290 …

What is the postal code of Gulistan e Johar Karachi?

Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023) Postal code / Zip codes for Karachi Gulistan-E-Jouhar (Kp-2023)

How many areas are there in Karachi?

The administrative divisions of the city comprise the following districts: Karachi East, Karachi West, Karachi Central, Karachi South as well as District Malir.

Which areas are in Karachi East?

East Karachi in Karachi includes Gulshan e Iqbal, Gulistan e Johar, Shahrah-e-Faisal, Karsaz Road, Landhi, and Korangi industrial zone. It is also Karachi’s primary shopping district of Rashid Minhas Road, home to Millenium, Saima, and Lucky One Mall.

What is the postal code of Garden East Karachi?

Postal Code 74550 – Karachi, Sindh – Cybo.

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