How to Check/Identify Fake Currency Notes in Pakistan 500, 1000, 5000 Rupee Step by Step

Nowadays because of the Corruptions and Fraudulent the Pakistani people are facing the problem of fake currency. But every one want to know that How to check the fake currency notes in Pakistan of a different amount like 500 ,1000, 5000 Rupee. The State Bank of Pakistan makes every effort to counterfeiting to limit its impact on Pakistani banknotes and to maintain public confidence in Pakistani banknotes.

The following efforts are made to secure the banknote that are provided below with Images and all tips that are show you and clear you that the bank note is original or fake. The New series of Pakistani Notes that are issued by the Govt that have a number of security features that are easy to use but difficult to copy or counterfeiting.

All the Original banknotes have various security features that prevent from counterfeiting, that one can check easily and quickly, All of these precautionary initiatives are taken by the Pakistan State Bank that issue the Banknotes to keep us from the fraudulent.

How to Check/Identify Fake Currency Notes in Pakistan 500, 1000, 5000 Rupee Step by Step

Check/Identify Fake Currency Notes

  • Watermarks
  • Security Thread
  • Latent Image
  • Optical Variable INK OVI
  • See Through
  • Micro Printing

In counterfeit notes the watermark is made by using opaque ink, painting with white solution, stamping a die or by applying oil, grease or wax to give the transparent image of portrait of Quaid-e-Azam.

Security thread is embedded in the banknote paper. The counterfeit notes is imitated by drawing a line by pencil or printing a line with gray ink or by using a plastic thread or by pasting two thin sheets of paper. The thread appears a continuous dark line at Rs10, Rs.50 and Rs.100 old design notes, The word ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ may be checked in the thread of Rs.500 and Rs.1000.

The words ‘State Bank of Pakistan’ along with ‘denomination numeral’ may be checked at the new design banknotes of Rs.10 and Rs.20 whereas this appears as silver dashes at Rs 5000 banknotes. The denomination ‘5000’ may be checked and on viewing through ultra violet light yellow and blue fluorescent bands may be viewed.

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