Three Weekly Holidays Announced in Lahore Pakistan for Private and Public Schools

The Government of Punjab has announced a notification regarding the Three Weekly Holidays Announced in Lahore Pakistan. Schools will be closed on Saturday, Friday, and Sunday. The notice is made in this regard, and the three days of week holidays will be in effect until the following instructions. The notification was issued to officials from the School Education Department (SED). The information was given after the Lahore High Court ordered the government to announce three days of week-long holidays in the district and then provide the notice to the courtroom. The order regarding the Three Weekly Holidays Announced in Lahore Pakistan was announced after hearing the case of smog within the province and specifically in the Lahore district. Because of the increased severity of the pollution, the court ordered the authorities to declare holidays for schools in the Lahore district.

The Punjab government has issued an official notice of three weeks of holidays for private and public schools in Lahore in the face of the current pollution. The three days of holidays each week will be in effect till further notice. According to the announcement released through the School Education Department (SED), Lahore’s public and private schools will be closed every Friday and Saturday. Officially, the Sunday day holiday will be counted as the third holiday.

LHC Order for Three Weekly Holidays Announced in Lahore Pakistan

The day before, The Lahore High Court sought a notice from the Punjab government for tomorrow (Wednesday) to announce the school closing for three days weekly. The Lahore High Court LHC has directed that the Punjab Education Department and Govt of Punjab promote three weeks of holidays per week in Punjab Public and Private schools and work from home.

Yesterday the LHC instructed the Punjab government to officially announce three vacation days on 7 December 2023. So today, on 7 December, the Punjab government’s education department released the notice that there would be three days of vacation on Saturday, Friday, and Sunday. Despite his disagreement with the court’s ruling, Mr. Murad Raas consented to make a holiday announcement due to pressure from the court. Keep in mind that this notice is solely for private and public schools in Lahore.

In accordance with the orders of the Hon’ble Lahore High Court, Lahore in a Writ Petition no. 227807/2018, as per an order dated 02-12-2022, the court is announced that due to the current SMOG conditions that the entire Public & Private Schools in District Lahore shall remain closed on Fridays and Saturdays every week as well as the weekday holiday on Sunday until further orders are issued,” stated the notification.

It’s also been mentioned the Chief Executive Officer of the District Education Authority (DEA), Lahore, and the concerned head of the school will be responsible for how homework is distributed assignments to students in the event of the closing of schools.

Three Weekly Holidays Announced in Lahore Pakistan for Private and Public Schools

Three Weekly Holidays Announced in Lahore Pakistan

The Purpose of Three Weekly Holidays Announcement

The LHC examined these measures to protect citizens from becoming victims of diseases caused by smog.

Benefits of Three Weekly Holidays in Lahore

There are numerous benefits of shutting schools for more than two days, especially in the current poor smog conditions.

  • First, it can reduce the pollution that affects staff and children and their health.
  • Another benefit is that it will lessen the emotional impact of some harmful gases and smoke in the air because of less use of vehicles used to transport children and school staff.

Smog Emergency in Lahore

An environmental emergency was declared in Lahore and other cities due to the heavy pollution, and it is constantly listed as one of the most polluted cities around the globe. Masks are now mandatory for the schools of Lahore beginning today.CM has also instructed the department responsible for implementing immediate measures to limit the adverse effects of the smog. Punjab chief minister Pervez Elahi said that an emergency was declared in the city and directed authorities to develop an action plan to deal with the deteriorating situation. “A ban was also imposed on burning residues of the crop in Punjab,” Elahi said, warning that a stern stance can be taken on anyone who violates the rules.

In the meantime, Punjab Chief Minister Parvez Elahi announced the imposition of an environmental emergency within Lahore and other major cities to tackle the issue of smog. The chief minister announced that smog had been declared a disaster, and he has been directed to implement the plan to cut down the amount of pollution.

Action is required to address the factors which cause smog, declared CM Elahi, adding that in the event of a failure to follow the standard operating procedures (SOPs), lower the amount of smog is not acceptable.

The chief minister has also announced a prohibition on burning stubble, stating that he will take action against those caught burning the crop residue.CM Elahi noted that measures would be taken against those vehicles that emit smoke. He also said that the anti-smog unit would continuously inspect the cars that emit smoke within The city. Although CM Punjab Pervez Elahi has declared an emergency environmental situation for the entire province of Punjab because of pollution issues.The Chief Minister of Punjab, Ch. Pervez Elahi has declared an ecological emergency for Punjab because of the excessive pollution affecting visibility.

Measurements Regarding Smog Emergency in Lahore

Various measures will be implemented to address this issue, including taking care of the vehicles that release excessive smoke. In reality, a team is being formed which will be able to handle the pollution-related problems and ensure that the guidelines are implemented. The pollution in the city is being described as a “calamity” by Chaudhry Pervez Elahi, the chief minister of Punjab and Punjab, who added that every effort must be taken to tackle the problem.

Revision of School Timing Under Smog Emergency in Lahore

Punjab Teachers Union secretary general Rana Liaqat Ali said the union has never favored closing schools.

  • “We would like the timing of school to be re-evaluated. The highest levels of pollution and smog can be seen during the morning hours when thousands of vehicles take to roadways,” He added.
  • He suggested the schools should not be opened at 8:30 am. Schools must be opened at 9 am and shut at 10 pm.

They claimed that the students were already suffering from the shortage of teachers at the schools and that the increased holiday schedule would make it more challenging to fulfill the whole curriculum during the academic year.

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