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How to Get New Arms License Registration Through NADRA Application Process

Here we are going to provide you complete Arms License Registration process for getting an Arms Licence in Pakistan along with necessary documentation as well. if you want to keep Arms for your security within legal boundaries then follow the instructions given on this page regarding Arms License  Renew Registration. For the Arms License Registration procedure, you have to visit NADRA Office or the facilitation center specified for the respective service. The complete procedure with guidelines and Designated Registration centers under the ministry of interior for all provinces to obtain Arms licenses have been dispatched on this page accordingly. In this post, we have explained the easy procedure to tell you how we can get a computerized Arms license given below.

This is the procedure utilized to obtain the permit to possess any type of weapon within the territory of Pakistan. There are two types of licenses for arms in Pakistan. The first is the “prohibited bore license’ which is intended for fully automatic guns as well as the non-prohibited bore license that is used for semi-automatic as well as other weapons. The scope of the license given by the government of the province falls within the province or district. The scope of a license issued by the Federal government extends across the nation.

Arms License Registration through NADRA

The Punjab government has initiated the computerization process for arms licenses for the province. Nadra collaborates with the Punjab government on this. Computerization of arms licenses is in progress. The old licenses are not valid. Licenses issued by such individuals were canceled. Computerized Nadra arms licenses will be verified online. A national identity card that is computerized is required for all applicants since the licenses from Nadra will be linked to CNIC.

Arm License registration process

License Registration Procedure

  • Fill up Arms License
  • Form 4 Photographs
  • 1 Copy of CNIC
  • Income Tax Payers ought to be a copy of NTN along with the application.
  • Master degree holders would give a copy of their degree with their application forms.
  • Get verification from Police Station, DSP and SP concerned on filling up Arms License Form
  • Applicant himself should appear before the Deputy Commissioner along with a copy of the Identity Card
  • Deputy Commissioner will order the issuance of an Arms License on the form
  • Pasting of tickets equivalent to Rs. 2000/- for Arms License Form is required
  • Submit the forms to Arms Licensing Issuing Branch in the D.C. Office.
  • A copy of the license will be issued and the applicant will purchase Arms from an Arms dealer. Its entry will be made in the post office and renewal thereof will be made annually with a fee
  • Write a letter to the secretary of interior requesting him to approve your request for the grant of an Arms license.
  • If approval is given, you will be issued a demand note by the ministry. After the issuance of the demand note, you have only 6 months to complete the rest of the stages.
  • Deposit fee amounting to Rs. 5000 challans with NPB.
  • Buy a gun from a license holder gun dealer. Get him to put the weapon number on your demand note with his stamp.
  • Go to the concerned DCO with the demand note to get his endorsement and stamp. For Islamabad, this is the DC Islamabad and here you also have to register the weapon with the Arms branch in the Katcher before the DC will sign.
  • Fill out the license application form. Attach 2 photographs, a copy of the ID card, the original challan form, and the original demand note. Submit the application to the ministry of interior’s Arms branch.
  • Now, wait for 4-8 months for them to issue you with a card.

How to Get Arms License Registration Through NADRA Application Process

Arm License Registration 2022

Application forms for providing Arms License Registration are available with section officers, in Islamabad and at the region level at all the offices of the region Coordination Officers. Endorsement of Forms Applications provided to section officer would be sent to Secretary Interior Division for last approval. After the approval, weapons would be issued on a demand note and a license would be given by the section officer after the license fee of Rs.2000/- with the National Bank of Pakistan.

How to Get New Arms License Registration

The government of Punjab is working on the provision of computerized Arms License Registration for the citizens of the Province with the participation of NADRA in this regard to make the safest record of Arms in order to maintain the law and order situation throughout the province. Also, Join Pak Army Registration Online 2022.

Arms License Registration Fee Structure

License category Initial fee Renewal fee
Prohibited Bore Weapon

(a) Personal Arms license

(b) Institutional license/private security company





2000/- per annum

2000/- per annum

Non- Prohibited Bore Weapon

(a) Personal Arms license

(b) Institutional license/private security company





1000/- per annum

1000/- per annum

Extending validity to the whole of Pakistan 5000/-
Revalidation fee 1400/-
Processing fee 1400
Duplicate fee 1000
Retainership 5000
Increase in the number of cartridges 10/- for each bullet.
Change of bore 1000/-
Transfer on inheritance basis 1000/-
Fee structure pertaining to Manufacturing, Repairing and keeping for sale, etc

License for keeping or sale of Arms, ammunition, or military stores





License for manufacturing 500,000/- 200,000/-
License for Repairing 20,000/- 10,000/-
Enhancement of quota

i. Per bullet

ii. Per weapon



Transportation fee

i. Per bullet

ii. Per weapon



Fee for change of place of business 100,000/-
Duplicate license fee 25,000/-
Transfer on inheritance basis 25,000/-

More Information:-

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Under the notice in the notification, the cost of authorization to use the bore prohibited by law is Rs10,500, while fees for the permitted bore will be $6,500.

Under the notification that was issued, those applying for renewal of banned bore arms licenses will charge the amount of Rs8; 000 to apply for bore license renewals that are not prohibited will assess the amount of Rs4 1,000.


NADRA and the Punjab Interior Department recently collaborated to develop a new system to manage and regulate arms licenses. This new method is dubbed Computerized Arms License System (CALS).

In the initial phase, smart cards will issue in nine districts in Punjab and Lahore, Sargodha, Multan, Peshawar, Quetta, Hyderabad, Sukkar, Islamabad, and Karachi as a replacement for traditional licenses for arms.

These smart cards offer authentication of the applicant via NADRA’s Verisys and tracking of the weapon’s owner through CNIC Machine readability with barcode integration, as well as the security of laminated sides.

  • It is the procedure to apply to renew the arms permit:
  • First, pay a non-refundable license fee of 1400 rupees in UBL Omni
  • Make sure to submit your application to the DOC office
  • Visit NADRA to upload the original deposit slip, an old arms license, and passport-size photographs
  • After the attestation of the certificate, a token number will be assigned to you, allowing you to apply for biometric verification. You must provide a digital photograph
  • In the end, you’ll generate a new computerized license, and the old one will remove. Go to the Nadra website for more details.


Monitoring the current arms license status is easy to understand. You need to text 8200 your tracking ID listed on the token number that NADRA issued.

Another method to monitor your license to arms is to dial the Nadra helpline, which is 7000. You can also share your tracking ID to find out the current state of your arms license.


Punjab arm license verification can only be done through a NADRA helpline. Contact the NADRA helpline and provide them with the number of your arms license to confirm if it’s genuine or fake.

ISLAMABAD Arms License Registration ONLINE

To confirm your Islamabad arm license on the internet, To verify the Islamabad arms license online, download the official city Islamabad application on the store for apps. You must first sign up to access this app by providing the required data. After you have logged into the app, there is a choice on the top of the page to confirm your arm’s license.

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